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FanFic---> Chapter 28 Part 2

Hmm... Thinking about not continuing my fanfic. Only a hand full of people acctually read it anyway. I have a couple more chapters already written up, but after that, idk. I'm not staying I'm going to stop, but I'm not saying I'm going to keep going.
--DANNI :)

Thrash pulled his Draculoid mask off, as if that was supposed to make me feel better about him being in my room. He didn’t think he was here to apologize, did he? It was a little late for an apology. He couldn’t possibly think I was going to trust him again, after everything. As his shaggy hair settled down around his face I noticed the huge bruise was slowly shrinking into a purplish-yellow spot. It was about time he was wounded by something.

I could feel his heart beat in his wrist as I was gripping it so tightly. Faster, faster, it pulsed. He put on a pretty good face, didn’t act nervous at all. Little did he know, I was revealing his secrets, one lie at a time. He was getting better at lying, pretending emotions didn’t exist, quietly tolerating the good ones but ignoring the bad ones all together. I had perfected that game years ago.

Truth is I was feeling better. The other truth is that they probably drugged me when I was in the hospital wing. For now, I was clinging to the small amount of sanity the drugs allowed me. I no longer wanted to kill myself, calmed by the medicine, but the world had a strange shininess to it that made me sick. I didn’t even know what time it was. The corners of my vision had a fuzzy, blurry frame. Everything in me was just north of numb.

FanFic---> Chapter 27 Part 2

It was like old times, seeing Dave around again. If ever there was a ghost I was happy to see, it was him. We all assumed him dead. That’s what you assume when you get word that your commanding officer has been deployed without his team and with no explanation. That’s just the way around here.

I was always second in command to him. Always. Even though Dave was younger than the rest of us he always managed to end up on top.

FanFic---> Chapter 26 Part 2

I didn’t stick around Korse’s office. I didn’t even wait for him to show up. I was too angry.
Abby and I had a plan. But that was gone now. I was fucked.

Since when was Abby a sell-out? She had never even touched those pills before this; too afraid she’d lose focus. The Heads never forced her because, hey, if she’s cooperating, she’s cooperating, and that was the point of the drugs wasn’t it? They wanted to make you happy enough, fuzzy enough that you would conform and comply with anything BLI asks. Citizen Drugs.

They also handed out a military variety given to Scarecrows, Dracs, and

FanFic---> Chapter 25 Part 2

The words I should have said.

They floated above me, slipped in through my ear and danced in my brain. As they danced their dark
colors turned bright. A million different colors shot out of my eyes and mouth like a kaleidoscope and I smiled. The colors glided over the walls erasing my bright white distress. The colors would protect me.

And then the world went black.


He opened my door that night, I know he did. As if watching my every move through a television screen wasn’t enough, or hearing my cries, or more specifically my efforts to stifle my cries.

FanFic---> Chapter 24 Part 2

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!....and all the other holidays too if that's a little more up ur alley...but mostly MERRY CHRISTMAS! Here's a little christmas gift! ---> chapter 24! I guess if your family is anything like mine, you can read this while Aunt Becky is telling drunken stories, Cousin Cortney is explaining why all the good men are gay or married, and while Kiss-Ass-Cousin Logan is telling you all about his Eagle Scout project. YOU'RE WELCOME! haha love you guys! MERRY CHRISTMAS!

“Isn’t this what you wanted, Dave?” Abby asked with an accusing look.

I was tired of everyone trying to guess what

FanFic---> Chapter 23 Part 2

I waited in my holding chamber. The white bed was pressed up against the corner of the room and that’s where I sat, holding my legs to my body, wondering just what Korse meant.

“You have your friends to thank for that.”

His voice repeated once again in my head, the way it had with a million other words a million other times. I refused my tears. Here, they were more than just a weakness, they were a surrender. They were watching me, and they couldn’t see me surrender.

“This is what he wants,” I reminded myself.

He wanted me to break down. The pasty smile of the man responsible for my misery

Hmmmm SHIT! the REAL chapter 22!

WELL! it seems I have posted chapter 23, but forgot to post chapter 22 first....Well...thats not good! so just so you know this is the REAL chapter 22. I'm going to take the one that was SUPPOSED to be chapter 23 down and put it back up later. sooo... I guess if you read 23 have a sneak peak! SORRY for the confusion! i love you guys! ---ITS JUST ONE OF THOSE DAYS--
--DANNI :)

“Do you know who I am, Miss Way?” Korse asked, his ego apparent.

“You’re the bastard that killed my brothers,” I replied immediately.

He was taken aback, phased for once, but quickly plastered the smile

FanFic---> Chapter 21 Part 2

Happy Thanksgiving! I'm so thankful for all of you readers and diehard members of the MCRmy. You are all so supportive. Here's a little thank-you gift--> Chapter 21. Thank you!
--DANNI :)

I was cold, so cold. Everything in me shook.

“Good morning Miss Way.”

My head was pounding.

“Morning. It’s morning,” I mumbled to myself and turned over.

I tried to remember going to sleep the night before. I couldn’t remember anything but the moment I ran. I opened my eyes slowly. It was so bright. Everything was white. It blinded me.

“Miss Way?” I whispered to myself as I raised my head.

Every muscle in

FanFic---> Chapter 20 Part 2

“You’re going to ruin everything!” Heart Strings shouted to Thrash, a few feet away.

I stood beside him. I wanted to be there for him. I wanted to let him know that whatever he did, whatever was wrong didn’t matter, but I wasn’t sure I believed it myself. I wasn’t sure that it didn’t matter.

Something inside me sparked. I wasn’t sure he really meant enough to me. Then the spark came again. Was I just trying to replace Ghoul?

“I’ve got to tell her the truth,” Thrash said, pointing to me, “Don’t you think she deserves to know?
Didn’t you see her walk out of that van that day?

FanFic---> Chapter 19 Part 2

Forgot me, did you? Hope you didn't forget Kandy and Thrash! LOVE YOU! --DANNI :)

I laid my head down on my bed. All the beds in the room were exactly the same; all twenty were a copy of the one beside it. They were like us soldiers, uniform and clean cut. Every white pillow was exactly the same shade. The rest of my men filed in like they’ve been doing for the last three years in complete silence. As one, they all found their beds and sat down. Each of them removed their masks and for the first time since waking up, they were different from one another.

Quiet conversations started all