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I guess you could say I'm angry. Sure. They have the right to break up and do what they'd like. But after 12 years. 12 YEARS. They should know better than to leave us without an explanation. They weren't breaking up with each other when they broke up. They were breaking up with us.

So I guess all I want is to know why. It's like finding out your best friend has died and no one will tell you how they died.

So start talking, boys. You owe us an explanation.

--DANNI :(

New Chapters :) 37-41

**Ch. 37**
“Miss Way,” came a voice, “Miss Way, you may wake up now.”

I slowly opened my eyes. Someone is allowing me to wake up? Oh yeah. I’m on supposed to be on the drugs, I remembered, I’m practically a robot. I raised my head and forced myself into sitting upright in my little white bed.

The woman in front of me studied me for a moment and then marked something on her clipboard in smooth strokes of her white pen. She wore a plain white dress. Her straight black hair was frozen in time, without a single strand out of place.

New Chapters Part 1

Here's a few chapters you haven't seen and a few I think I've posted here before but must have been deleted somehow. Anyway, this is only a third of the new chapters. I'll post the rest later if I get the time. Thanks for being with me all this time :)
--DANNI :)

**Ch. 35**

“Danni! Danni!” came the voice in my dreams.

It wasn’t a dream. It was Brandon.

I woke up on a red couch across from Brandon’s bed. The material covering it was soft as I slid my fingers across it. I always sleep on his couch when I’m at his house.

Remember me?

I used to post a new chaper of my fanfiction everyday, sometimes twice a day if you wanted it bad enough. Now, it was months ago that i actually posted anything. I guess some part of me died when i quit writing for you. Another selfish part of me wondered if you would even notice.

If you still want to keep up with me and what I write, I'm on blogger ---> so shoot me a comment. send me a message. cuz there used to be some of you who read every chapter and commented on every post.

FanFic---> Chapter 34 Part 2

I looked down at my tracking bracelet, two-thirty. At least the trackers were good for telling time, if anything. And making calls, I remembered, they were good for making calls. The only light came from emergency exit signs. Everything in the room glowed with a dim red light giving the illusion of an evil night in the middle of the day.

Annie was on top of Connor making out drunkenly in the corner like Brandon and I didn’t exist, pulling on his school-tie like a drunk bridesmaid at a wedding party. I knew it was just a matter of time.

FanFic---> Chapter 33 Part 2

Happy Almost-Easter for anyone celebrating that. I love easter. So hopefully I can survive my family until then.
Here's yet another memory from Kandy's past. I hope you like them, if not, there's only a few more to go before the story continues so...keep reading? Thanks for reading, and thanks for comments. You know how I love them :) Catcha Later!
--DANNI :)

“Bye, bye, Miss American pie! Drove my Chevy to the levy but the levy was dry! And the good old boys were drinking whiskey and rye, singing this will be the day that I die!” Connor sang drunkenly.

“Shut up, Connor!” Brandon says, “You’re

FanFic---> Chapter 32 Part 2

“Danni, what are you going to be when you grow up?” my father asks me while the rain pours down outside our window.

It’s a perfect day to stay inside, under a comfy blanket, watching one of our favorite movies. Saturday evenings like this is what I live for. I’m curled up next to my father on the large grey couch enjoying his day off of work as much as he is, if not more.

“I’m gonna be a doctor, like you, Daddy,” I reply immediately.

He knows I want to be a doctor, he only asks everyday. He just likes hearing me say it. Ten years old, and I already know my calling.

FanFic---> Chapter 31 Part 2

I remember now. I remember.

White roses. Lots and lots of white roses. There where yellow roses too, and plants without flowers, but the white roses were everywhere. I would rather have red roses myself, but you don’t send red roses to a funeral, I was told.

“Where’s Mommy now?” I asked.

“She’s in heaven, Danni,” My god-mother, April, told me, “She’s with God.”

April held my tiny hand as we sat down in the front pew of the church beside my father and my brothers.

FanFic---> Chapter 30 Part 2

I tried to fall asleep after Thrash left. I couldn’t, but I had to pretend for the sake of getting out of here. They had to think I wasn’t only stable, but completely happy. I pulled the white sheets and my one blanket up to hide my face and tried to ignore the freezing air floating around me. I stayed there until morning, unmoving, frozen. There were a million questions in my mind, but the one I’m most concerned with? Why is it so damn cold in here?!

Before I kill Korse, I’m locking him in here—I decided—and I’m going to make the temperature as low as it can go. Korsesicle.

FanFic---> Chapter 29 Part 2

Thrash’s time was almost up. I was feeling warmer, safer, better—even without the drugs in my system. He had to let go of me, but I didn’t want him to. He was the first person I had talked to in days. He started taking steps toward the door. He lingered with words still unsaid, just like me. I had to ask one more question before he left.

“Thrash,” I said as he turned his head, his hand on the door handle, “How did you get that bruise?”

He lifted his hand and ran three fingers across his healing bruise.

“Do you remember what happened that night in the desert?” he asked.

I shook my head.