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DangerPainter19's blog

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Omg The Spongebob Squarepants Movie is on! I dont know why i'm so excited about that haha its nerdy but whatever. I think i'll always love spongebob. Goofy goobers! (and killjoys)


What can i say. My day's been pretty normal. Practincing my guitar, listening to MCR. I am not intentionally making this rhyme btw. Did some cool charcoal drawings. Thats basically it. Wish i could've gone to the UK fundraiser it sounded awesome. Oh and i forgot to put my favorite (well one of my favorite) bullets lyrics on here for IMCRD: ~like a bed of roses there's a dozen reasons in this gun~~


Dancing to MCR at midnight- no better feeling. The band has had such an influence on me. They are so inspiring and they give me courage to be myself. I know they'll always b there. Happy mcr day! Keep running keep it ugly and never let them take you alive ~MCR 4ever :)


Im thinking about putting together a killjoy outfit but i dont really know where to start. Any ideas you guys have would be great! :)

Remembering the Stars

So i was just looking up at the night sky and i live in the country where you can see a lot of stars. And it made me remember that i sorta like it out here. I mean sure i still wanna go to nyc and live there but i get so caught up in wanting that i forget the small beautiful things about the life i have now.

Another Weird Dream

Last night i dreamt that i got stung on the face by a bee and i had some kind of allergic reaction and my cheek got all red and puffy. Then i had to jump like 15 feet off a giant diving board into the ocean with all my family watching. What is giving me these weird dreams?


Holy crap some truck just blew a tire as we passed it on the highway it was so freaking loud! Sounded like a gunshot

Strange Words

so i was just thinking if you laugh and cry at the same time you're either lying or caughing. i realize now how dumb that is but when i thought of it it seemed hilarious i burst out laughing. and did anyone else realize that bats backwards is stab?


i have no idea what to talk about. i just feel like blogging. i thought about putting some pictures of sketches ive done up here but i dunno. once everyone sees it will it still be as special? does anyone else ever feel like that?

The Experiment

So yesterday i was making some chocolate milk with hershey's syrup. And as i was drinking that cup of deliciousness an idea struck me. And it said hey, i wonder if you can freeze this stuff and it would turn solid like a chocolate bar. I was wrong. Unfortunately chocolate syrup does not freeze :( kinda stupid i know. let me know if you guys have any ideas for experiments for me to try!