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Conventional Weapons

Havent been on here for a while i was really starting to miss it. anyway, ive been listening to conventional weapons 1, 2 and 3- they're amazing! though its hard to choose, i think boy division and gun are my favorites. i seem to listen to them a bit more than the others. which songs do you guys like best so far?

Thanks MCR

For being there and being yourselves. Love you guys!

Happy birthday frank!!!

And have a great Ieroween! :)

Kerrang! and Coffee

My plans for tomorrow night.


i don't know how to feel. so many emotions at one time! i think you guys have already said it all.

Today Is Sunday

and i am doing nothing. But i haven't posted since i started school so here it is. i really should be studying for my Spanish test tomorrow but i think i know the material pretty well. so i'll probably save it for this evening. i should also be practicing my guitar right now. but im not. and i should also probably be working on the story i've been writing. but im not doing that either. point being there are many things i should do, but not many that i am going to do. currently i am watching Regular Show and thinking about... things.

My Last Day Of Summer

It was today. And i really have nothing else to say so..... later.


i just wanted to say thanks to you guys. ive been reading a lot of stuff people are writing and there's a lot of talent here! so it made me think of how i used to like to write and i decided to get back into it and try writing a story. its going pretty well i think so far but i wont be posting it on here (at least to start with). i just have like one chapter cuz i started earlier today and it still needs work but i have hope for it. anyway just wanted to thank you guys for inspiring me to get back into an old hobby!

Love Won't Stop This Bomb
Just Some Thoughts On (My) Life

i am extremely bored. i mean really im just wasting away the days until school starts again. nothing's happening and it always seems like im not getting anywhere or doing anything. like im stuck until school starts and then ill have that to give me something to do but once im done with school what's going to happen? is my life going to be like this all the time? sure i have other plans but what if they don't work out? ugh.