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Happy Birthday Gee!

Love you!

Happy birthday Gerard!

Haven't been on in a while so just thought I'd say hey. My school had snow days yesterday and today so I'm getting a bit bored. What's up with you guys? Lately I've been getting into some different bands (a little velvet underground and smashing pumpkins) which i never really took the time to listen to. Don't get me wrong though, I'm not tired of MCR. I am excited for May Death Never Stop You but part of me is dreading it. It's so bittersweet.

Happy Halloween/Ieroween!

Have an awesome birthday, Frank! And an awesome Halloween. My favorite holiday is finally here and i can't really do anything because it's raining. And i hurt my knee. And it's a school night, so i have homework. i guess a horror movie will have to do this year. oh well, i hope you guys are having a better Halloween than i am.


Hey guys! So i was at the store last weekend and i nearly had a heart attack when i saw this! (i had never had Frankenberry before and i've wanted to try it for a long time) I thought you could only get it online because they stopped making it. But anyway, i was so excited. A little ridiculous to be so happy over a breakfast cereal i guess but whatever. f-berry rules :-)

This Made Me Smile
School/art posts?

I know this isnt the most exciting topic, but ive been getting really nervous about going back to school. It starts on monday and for the last couple nights ive had bad dreams about what its going to be like. I dont know why i worry so much, it always turns out fine. But really all school does for me is piss me off and make me super anxious. I just get so sick of the people i have to deal with, even my friends a lot of the time. The things i'm most nervous about for this year though are driver's ed (behind the wheel), algebra 2, and PE.

Rocky Horror

I had actually heard of it a long time before, but didnt get around to watching it until a few months ago. And now im a little obsessed with it. I used to watch it almost every night when i first got it. I thought Dr. Frank-n-Furter was just so...i dont even know...fabulous? Anyway, i did this project for my art class and i had painted the lips and the words the rocky horror picture show in that font that looks like blood. I think my art teacher liked it. But what about you guys? Any rocky horror fans out there?

Back Again

I haven't been on in a while, but last night i was trying to go to sleep and something told me to get on here and post again. So here i am. For a while i didnt come to the website because it made me kind of depressed and i listened to MCR a lot less. But now I'm trying to get over it and even though it kind of makes me sad, i really want to enjoy their music like i used to. Anyway, i'm reading the true lives of the fabulous killjoys and i think it's really great. i ordered the 3rd comic a couple days ago, can't wait until it gets here!

Happy Birthday Gerard!!!

Have a great day!