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Sonnet; Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge.

It's okay to not be okay.
To always be a joke, and look,
We're not afraid to say,
That we're another line without a hook.
But your jocky-posse thinks theyre so superior.
You kick us down and shout alloud.
And in the end we're sore.
Though small in numbers and weak we're quite a crowd.
Our croquet mallets look a lot scarier now,
When we hold them over our heads high and proud.
Wrecking havoc on the school will end with you saying 'ow!'
There's no way you can stop us now, not going back in our shrowd.
The beginning is what I love the most, It will never end.
And it all starts when we make that call and shout "REVENGE!"

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I need help with a last line, advice please?

Dont be afraid.
Though ya know we're not gonna,
To see another day.
Keep your back straight,
Thats what ya say,
As we walk down in single file...

If they find that youre a disgrace,
To the goodness of the human race.
They know of one place for you to go...
As they line you up in a row...


It's not so scary ya know,
oo-woah-oh-oh woah oh
When youre facing a tied rope.
Just a juvenile,
At an unconstiutional trial.
And theres no turning back,
When he puts a necklace,
On the Vendetta Pack.
In dispair,
He kicks the chair,
You're gasping for air.

Fall asleep,
In the only bed your given.
And get tucked in with a coffin nail.
Comfy as can be,
The airs getting, stale.
As you hear a muffeled wail...

Ring, goes the church bells.
Even though they say you deserve Hell.
Hearing the screams,
It must be a dream.
Cause im dead,
And lying in a nice coffin bed.
As I heard a faint cry,
Maybe I thought,

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Song..... I have no name, I need a name!!!

Its my best work so far....
Lets, not, play pretend,
I wish, that you were. Dead.
This whole love,
Was all in your head.

It's the alcohol talking,
I know I wont regret.
Climbing out the window,
Of this party,
Where we, never met.


I, you know I, don't care.
Stealing your keys,
I think its quite fair.
Driving away,
It's the best part.
So what if you say,
I've got a cold heart.


"You're, just,
A useless musician.
With an incureable,
Heart, condition."

Thats what you said,
When I woulnt climb in your bed.
You tried to take it back,
But I know I wont regret,
Climbing out the window,
Of this party,
Where we never met.

(refrain X2)

"Theres nothing about me i'll ever amend,
Theres no girl for you, I can reccomend."
Yeah theres nothing about me,
Nothing i'll ever amend.
Go head and try,
I'll be gone in the blink of an eye.
Out the window,
No time to say Bye Bye!


I, you know I, don't care.

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Hearse Crashers....

Two questions....
Whos the hearse crasher that put the "Pretty In Pink Stars" background behind Venom Viper killing our friends with and air guitar, and who was the hearse crasher that put that background behind the Killjoys?
I also learned that I cannot smile.

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Im rather frustrated.... And facing an issue that I would rather not say in a blog.
I just kinda need to vent and get some advice, please message me?

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I... made my fiends sbirthday revolve slightly around MCR. Oh well. :)

So, today is my dear friends birthday. Which, we actually celebrated yesterday...... But! Im going to give her the name of... (note: this is a very temporary name) Gnome Killer. Okay!
So to celebrate her birthday we went to this place that I toatally didnt know existed, or that we were going... Called Comedy Sports. And it is one of the best places ever. Go there. I demand you.
Me being the really short, youngest, and immature one; I had this crazy idea to go and wear something that Frank would. And that Frank PROBABLY has or has come pretty darn close to. So that kinda got them confused with my whole tie and everything...

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Last Day of School ideas.... Worth it?

Oh its been forever, but its also that time of year again, where we shout 'Hallelujla lock and load!' and we leave the school. So, my brain is filled with ideas. But before I go into that, the best day you can ever get in U.S. History?
~Teacher plays Welcome To The Black Parade to class.
~Getting an A+ (or 4) is as easy as;
-- -- -- Shouting.
-- -- -- And renacting scenes and meaning from The Ghost of You and Mama.
~And for the second day of doing this, Mr. Lehr (teacher) says im the best in the class in doing this whole army civil war thing.

Also in ceramica im making Mikeys Killjoy gun. Yays! I might post pics when its done
Yeah its awesome...

But I need your opinion!
See, the original plan for the last day of school, also the last day that I spend in middle school, is to wear our (friend is also, actually, it was her idea) Killjoy outfits. But now that I really think....