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DancePoison8597's blog

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Lonely Life....

Well today I was forced to go to work with my dad..... This sucks because I found out everyone knows that I am most likely not to go to the MCR concert I want to go to.

Na Na Na

My sister absolutley hates this song so much....Its my weapon to get her out of my room.. I can play this song to get my sister to leave me alone and to dance around my room and sing! What a wonderful thing

Second Day

It's my second day on here and well I already feel welcomed I really like it on here and well if your reading this if your not my friend you should add me as a friend. Pretty soon I will be putting on videos of me dancing to MCR songs or even singing them. Well thanks for reading you guys are amazing :D

New here... :D

Well this is my first time doing a blog. Well hi my name is Angelica but you can call me Angie,Killjoy,Dance Poison,Sing Star, Purple Hair,Pumpkin Biatch, Snuggie or anything else. Ummmm I wanna start off saying that I have liked MCR for 6 and a half years most kids dont start liking it when I did but I liked what Helena ment to me.. Actually I have made a dance for Helena, Teenagers, and working on one for Na Na Na :D They are all amazing. Helena is ballet and Teenagers is a whole bunch a well how do i word this shit i put together in a few hours... but they've come out good.