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DancePoison8597's blog

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Alright I eventually figured that you guys would see my pic from my profile so I am putting up these ones so that you know what I look like.... I am part Italian, Black and White.... Yes I know people I am a lot of races.... But I am pretty(ugly) JK JK JK I wouldn't diss myself like that...(yes I would but shhhh)..... Ummm I like neon green and hot pink and zebra print :D My hair is naturally curly and I HATE IT!!!! :D My hair acctually has purple streaks in them but i got those in november and you cant really see them in the ones from my sleepover with my friend Cierra.... Well thats me the

My Mentor for years... Gerard Way :D

Gerard Way has been my mentor for years.... I have always looked up to him... I always wanted to be like him in many ways... No not so far I would have a sex change.... I always wanted to sing as amazingly as Gerard could I always wish I could look as good as Gerard.... Not until recently(like a year ago) someone told me a few years ago he had gotten into drugs.....I was upset.... I felt broken and nothing could heal me.... I wasn't going to do drugs or drink alcohol... The alcohol thing was true until over the summer dumb ass me thought it was cool to drink.. Well its deffinetly not


No school due to the snow! At my papa's work... Having fun!

Cat on broadway singing Mama

WTF I Search Mama and it came up but of course copyright infringment blah blah blah people need to get over themselves... I WANNA SEE IT NOW!!!! Before I get all Biatchy on there Arses :D

Mama :D

I freaking love this song soooooo freaking much!!! I sang this in my room when i was pissed at my mom and guess what.... IT MADE ME HAPPY!!!!!! Yea but I am not mad at my mama any more... She is having a baby BOY!! iLy Mama :D I Love Being ITALIAN!!!!

MCR Concert, Cancer, and My Sucky Life....

This sucks... My dad said he would take me to the MCR concert in boston.... That's not happening now...... Why does my dad ruin EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!! On the up side i have my MCR cd's and my Nightmare Before Christmas fingerless gloves I'm okay until May 5th...... Son of a biatch I'm not okay... I Never will be... Shit keeps hitting the fans... My Uncle was diagnosed with cancer on his lip... and uuhhhhh wtf is up with my life.... My life is a Roller Coaster... and well this roller coaster is WAY to bumpy.... I cant take it anymore.... I wanna live with my mom forget all my problems be a happy

Lopez Tonight!!!!

OMFG I recored Lopez Tonight and Im gonna watch it tomorrw Im going on the website to see partial performance :D Soooooo effin excited... RAY RULES!!!!!!! I got myself an orange crayon..

MCR Luvers

On facebook I made a group called MCR Luvers you guys should go in the group then we can all talk to each other about mcr :D

MY HAIR!!!!! and my paper clip earings

ooo nooo I just learned since i straightened my hair to much that my bangs are straight forever .. :C thats my fault now my hair is partially curly and my bangs are straight I feel so messed up right now... But everything is better cause i made paper clip earings and there hot!!!! they are rainbow woot woot well I am going to go on youtube and make a video in a few

I know my username on there is gay.... lets just keep it at that :D

Talking to "Gerard" on Facebook

Wahahaha I added this Way Gerard person on facebook and were talking he said his favorite color is black.... I cant believe this person at all just give me a little bit to get more details on this :D