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sorry I haven't been posting stories...

I have been harassed way to much at boys club for being on here I have so many chapter to put up there is a Valentines Day one but thats gonna be a little late I am super sorry everyone I'll make it up I promise I will put up a few chapters today since it was early release I promise!

~ Angie ~
~ Dance Poison ~
~ Bella Meurte ~
~ Any other nicknames I have :D ~

I'm a horrible person... Tisk tisk on me

1.Smoked [x]
2.consumed alcohol. [x]
3.slept in the same bed with someone of the opposite sex. []
4.slept in the same bed with someone of the same sex. [x]
5.kissed someone of the same sex. []
6.had someone in your room other than family. [x]
7.watched porn. []
8.bought porn. [ ]
9.tried drugs. [ ]
1.taken painkillers. [x]
2.taken someone else's prescription []
3.lied to your parents. [x]
4.lied to a friend. [x]
5.snuck out of the house. [x]
6.done something illegal. [x]
7.felt hurt. [x]
8.hurt someone. []
9.wished someone to die. [x]
10.seen someone die. []
1.missed curfew.

ooooo yeeaaa

A - Age:13
B - Bed size: Full
C - Chinese Food Dish: Lom Mein
D - Dentist name: IDK I haven't gone to the same dentist in forever
E - Early Bird or Night Owl? night owl!!!
F - Favourite colour: Lime Green
G - Gold or Silver: Silver
H - Height: 5'4
I - Ink as in tattoos you have: No tattoos I want one but i scared of needles
J - Job title: I'd like to be a singer a cook or an artist
K - Kitchen Meal or Restaurant?:Resteraunt
L - Living arrangements: live with my dad
M - Month of birth:August
N - Nicknames: Dance Poison Angie Gel Lover Angie Babe ummmm
O - On time or late: oEarly
P - Pet Peeve:

Doctors YAY

So my dad is gonna call the doctors because I think I have a double ear infection strep and a nasal infection... Cazzo... I don't want to swear in english :D

Sick. Valentines Day. Lonely

Well I am sick.

Love on The Road Chapter 3 fan fic

Hope you guys like this chapter

I got my suitcase and put my sweater on then ran downstairs. Frank was waiting for me.
" Were is dad and everyone" I asked

" There in the tour bus" Frank said" They told me to wait for yo since were bunking they also said that your friend Becca is coming on tour with us.. the only problem is no room..."

" Well I can fix that" I smirked" Don't worry "
Frank smiled " Whats your plan"

" You'll find out" I said

We both got on the bus smiling. Dad gave Frank a look. A look like I'm trusting you with her. I ignored it and sat down next to Ray and Ray smiled.

Love on The Road Chapter 2 fan fic

This chapter is a mediocore size hahaha hope you like it :D

I ran downstairs to answer the door and there was my dad standing with a big smile on his face. I ran up to him and gave him a huge hug.
" Wow you've gotten so big Angel" said Dad
" I missed you soooo much Daddy" I said
" I missed you too" said Dad
" Wheres Uncle Mikey and everyone else"
" They should be coming out the bus in a few"
Dad walked into the living room as I saw Uncle Mikey. As soon as I saw Uncle Mikey I screamed and ran to him.
" I haven't seen you in so flippin long" I said
" Yea I missed you too kid" Uncle Mikey said

Love on The Road Fan Fic Chapter 1

I know it's short but they get longer... I promise :D

It all started with one word "Hi". Thats when I first met Frank. My dad is the lead singer of the band My Chemical Romance. My dad had left me here with my mom for 3 years I was 16. I am 19 and have been waiting to go on tour with my dad since I was 14. I've never met anyone in the band other then my Uncle Mikey. So I packed my bad ( because I don't wanna take up space) but in my bag I packed my good shirts 5 pairs of pants a dress a skirt 2 pairs of shorts my laptop my dsi my camera and a few personal items.

... I asked my friends something ...

I asked them if they see me getting into drugs in the future they said yes... God if I get into drugs this is gonna suck... Idc if I got into alchohol but drugs shit.... I have already drank alchohol... but my problem is i dont wanna get into drugs... I need some help please...


1. last beverage = this nast tummie yummie thing its nasty
2. last phone call = Daddio
3. last text message =LC My Bestie
4. last song you listened to = Wake Me Up When September Ends
5. last time you cried = Ummmm I cry everyday :D ANXIETY!

6. dated someone twice = No
7. been cheated on = Yes
8. hung out with someone that made you do a dare?= My god yes
9. lost someone special = Lost count at 5
10. been depressed = Yes... It got to the point where I was suicidal.. But MCR fixed that so I am alll better
11. been overstuffed= Yes

12. Lime Green And