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Im going to dye my hair in 6 weeks xD

Well we went to the salon and the people took what was left of the purple out of my hair by washing it. Bllaah but my hair has some bleach spots in it. My nana said I can dye it I am thinking of Red and Pink but I am starting to have a turn of mind. I need ideas can anyone give me any ideas please!


Am I the only one who remembers that episode of Spongebob where that dude is in the background saying HOOPLAH! and they throw a brick at him? It was hilarious I have been saying HOOPPLAH! for about 20 minutes non stop. HILARIOUSLY ANNOYING!!!!!!!! Hahahaha HOOPLAH!


Holy crap this show is wackedd! They swear in every sentecnce lol

Hahaha this is funny

Love this video... Gimme that gimme that dustpan gimme that gimme that mop and broom

I miss my brothers

I'm listening to Disenchanted and I couldn't help but remember my brothers... I haven't seen them since christmas. But Michael and Nicholas remember I love you and I always will ! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Love on The Road Chapter 8 part 3 fan fic

I'm super sorry for all of the stopping then going it's been a hard couple of weeks but it's all good


"Well I am gonna ask Frankie tonight weather you like it or not" I said

"Okay' said Becca "Just leave my name out of it when he asks if I wanna know just say you do"

"Okay" I said " You act like you don't like him"

"I do I'm just nervous... Wanna go check up on them" Becca said

"Yea I haven't heard someone get hurt in a few minutes" I laughed

We went outside and everyone had there instrument.

Love on The Road Chapter 8 part 2 fan fic

My hand was cramped from signing so many autographs. It was great to sign so many things. Becca and I have so many fans. A couple of the fans asked me to kiss Frank and I did of course. They als o kept asking me if Dad was really my dad my answer was "Hell Yea can't you see the resemblance" and we would do our matching smiles.

Everyone was packing up when I heard a boom and someone say "shit!". I ran over to see dad and Frank lying on the ground wrestling.

"what the hell are you guys doing" I yelled

Everyone burst out laughing "we were playing kickball and Gerard stole the ball and I started


Hey guys I am super srorry I haven't been posting as much as I used to. I don't have internet at home so I haven't been able to post my books up here and when I am able to a leave what I have written at home... super sorry! I wish I wasn't so stupid and left my notebook at home today but of course I did... But I am at the library.

~Stay Shiny~



[ ] skipped class?
[ x] liked a girl/guy?
[ ] kissed someone at school?
[x ] hugged someone at school?
[ x] gotten a detention?
[ x] cried in school?
[ x] made new friends?
[ ] gone to a dance?
[ x] been to a pep rally
[ x] watched a football game
[x ] watched a soccer game
[ x] watched a baseball game
[ x] watched a volleyball game
[ x] watched a tennis match
[x ] watched a basketball game
[ ] watched a track meet
[x ] watched a wrestling match
[ ] watched a lacrosse game
[x ] fought with a teacher?
[ x] got a 100% on a test?

Love on The Road Chapter 8 fan fic

Were at the place where were performing and I can hear all the fans chanting. I got a huge pump of adrenaline . SO Becca decided to sing it off we sang song's by Avril Lavigne. Hwen the curtain fell we started to playing... Everyone thought Becca and I were amazing. I think we have more fans then before. When we got off stage to meet everyone Frankie gave me a big hug. We went back on stage this time it was the whole band that went on stage. We started with started with Bulletproof Heart and and ended with Kids from yesterday. But it wasn't over for me until Frankie kissed me.