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So I haven't been on here in almost more then 2 years. I guess I've changed a lot too. I've actually got friends who care for me and I'm doing good in school for once. If you guys want more recent updates on me follow me.
Twitter: PandaBearVestal
Instagram: PandaBearVestal
So yeah, I update all of those a lot so you all should definitely check in with me on there! I miss all of you and I will definitely try to update a lot more because I miss posting on here and talking to the MCRmy!


Put your music playing device on shuffle and answer me these...

Song that will be covered by My Chemical Romance on their new album?
Decode by Paramore

Frank bursts out of your locker and begins to sing:
Love Is Dangerous by Blink-182

You peek into MCR's dressing room and Bob is lip-syncing this song into the hair dryer:
Certain by Set Your Goals

Ray's fro starts transmitting radio frequencies! The song it picks up is:
Up All Night by Blink-182

Mikey slips the wrong tape in the P.A. system in the "I'm Okay" video! This song blares instead:
Can't Catch Me by Neo Geo

Gee decided to sing Bandit


Pick your current favorite 5 bands/artists, before reading the questions below:
1. Blood On The Dance Floor
2.My Chemical Romance
3. Paramore
4. Blink-182
5. Black Veil Brides

What was the first song you ever heard by 1?
Scream For My Ice Cream

What is your favorite song of 5?
The Morticians Daughter

What kind of impact has 1 left on your life?
Some of there song's that aren't inappropriate had a big impact on my life. There song Beleive means so much to me. Meeting them also put a huge impact on me.

What are your favourite lyrics of 5?
"One final flight for this tonight, whoa ,with knives

Post Concert Obsession!

Yeaah so due to the fact I went to that BOTDF concert I have a little... I mean BIG obsession with BOTDF. Doesn't mean I will ever forget MCR but I will be listening and liking BOTDF a little more. Sorry.

♥ Toxic Love ♥

Blood On The Dance Floor 11/11/11

Yuup it's me! Reporting that I went and saw BOTDF and met Dahvie and Jayy! I asked Dahvie to be my brother and he said yes. BEST DAY EVER! So Dahvie and Jayy have to be the nicest men I have ever met. I got to hold hands with Dahvie and Jayy! I also got to meet AngelSpit and New Years Day! Got Jayy Von Monroe's autograph, Ash from New Years Day autograph, and Destroyx from AngelSpit's autograph. So yeah everything turned out perfect!

30 Days Of MCR

Favorite Album- 3 Cheers For Sweet Revenge
Seeing it was the second album I actually got and I connected to it it was pretty good.

30 Days of MCR

30 day MCR challenge
Day 1 Favorite album
Day 2 Favorite song without a video
Day 3 Favorite song from Bullets
Day 4 Favorite song from Revenge
Day 5 Favorite song from Parade
Day 6 Favorite Frerard moment
Day 7 Favorite lyrics
Day 8 A song that makes you happy
Day 9 Favorite live performance
Day 10 Favorite Ray’s solo
Day 11 Favorite Bob/Frank moment
Day 12 Favorite Gerard/Mikey moment
Day 13 Favorite picture of them
Day 14 Favorite interview
Day 15 Whatever tickles your fancy
Day 16 Favorite music video
Day 17 Favorite video (not music video)
Day 18 Least favorite song
Day 19 A song that

Ohaider :)

I haven't been on for a while. I guess it's because school's been keeping me preoccupied. I've gotten a babysitting job. I'm actually really happy. I'm not seeing BOTDF on Friday. But that's okay. I don't mind. I kinda saw it coming. We're going to go to the place the concerts at and wait outside to meet Dahvie and Jayy. In my class we've worked on several projects. I don't know if I have uploaded all of them up here or not. Well I think I am going to upload all of my pictures up here from class so you can see how well I am doing in school. Well that's all I have for today.

Well Hi There :)

Hey guys! I miss you all. I don't think I have been posting on here as much as I feel I should be. I am in the process of writing a new fan fic :D School is awesome. I love school. It's awesome. My teacher's are really nice and I'm learning sooooo much! Sooo yeah I guess school is fucking awesome. I find the need to brag :)

Blood On The Dancefloor

I'm so excited to say. I am seeing BOTDF in 1 month and 10 days!!! I'm so exciteda!! I love BOTDF!