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A week before ieroween and i still dont have a freakin costume!!!!!
Does anyone have any ideas????!!!!!!

The uniform of my schools top level band and jazz band are both:
-black pants
-black shoes
-black shirt
-red tie
Im wearing my uniform right now, and i look kind of like Ray Toro, but with makeup!!!!!!
Our concert is tonight, and its gonna look like everyone dressed up like MCR!!!!!!!
Jaa Ne!!!!

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Random Stuff

I was just randomly reading this book, and the main charecter (whose a vampire) and his best friend (a human) just walked into an elevator, and the song in the elevator was Teenagers, by MCR. I almost died from the epic randomness of the moment.and that is why i feel really happy now. Also added some happy pictures to make everyone here feel happy. See ya!

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I am so tired roght now. My lttle brothers have friends over and they are acting like a bunch of little girls and gossiping and shit, and its getting really fucking annoying. My parents make me keep the window blind thing down because they dont want me waking up early tomorow, but if its not up, and i can see the light from it, i get these motherfucking twisted nightmares. The one i had yesterday involved me having to torture Frank, and then we were attaked by a swarm of giant aliens, and then we were killed by barrels. So, yeah.... that was awkward. I also watched Frankenweenie today. It would have been amazing except i had to go watch it with this friendless bitch(whose friendless for a reason). Everyone thinks that im her friend, just because i am her twin brothers friend. BTW, i now feel like a nerd because i watched the cern rap and understood/already knew everything in there. See ya.

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I have to memorize all of the hiragana by tomorrow!!!!!
I freakin suck at japanese!!!!!
(on the bright side, i get epic japanese food, like pocky)
I cant wait for conventional weaons!!!!

Keep On Shining

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Friend Problems

I have this friend, we've been friends since fifth grade, and he was the only friend who likes mcr, bvb, et. cetra. I missed him over the summer, and it was great that i could see him at school. but now he has started leaving in the middle of conversations to go to his other friends, and its driving me crazy. I dont have any other friends, and i value his friendship, but i dont think that we are going to be able to continue our relationship. I dont know what to do, if any of you have any ideas please tell me.

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Today in japanese class our sensei brought a bunch of stuff for us to try. I liked the seaweed, and the spice tasted like sushi, but then he brought out this thing called nato. Nato is fermented soy beans and a bunch of other stuff. it is eaten in japan as breakfast. I hold nothing against you if you like nato, but almost everyone in our class thought it was disgusting. then, stupid me decided to put some nato in some seaweed, and i almost threw up right there in the middle of class. it sucked.

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Okay, first of all, i really should be practising my japaneese, second, has anyone here read seraphina by rachel hartman? you should if you havent. Lastly, message me if you like astronomy, because i love space. see ya!

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I kinda remember 9/11. i was riding in a car with my parents, we had just moved to america. suddenly we get a call from my grandmother saying that the twins are faling, the twins are falling. thats all i remember. It would have been shocking, had i understood the implications of that message. it was such a nice day too. Luckily, my social studies teacher spent most of the period talking about 9/11, and how she was shocked and worried about her cousin(who was thankfully ok). We also watched a video about it. I was dissapointed that all that happend at my school for 9/11 was a freakin impromptu lesson. I am so sorry for everyone who lost a friend or a famly member that day. I know that its also the 11th aniversery of MCR. that doesnt make 9/11 less of a tragedy, but at least something good came out of all that, no matter how small. one band isnt as important as a bunch of peoples lives, but at least its something. all of my friends at school didnt know about it.

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New Logo!!!

new logo means new album!!!!! I cant wait!!!!
BTW, the professional griefers video is EPIC!!!!
Gee loses though. :(
Have a nice day/night/whatever!!!!