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Gerard's Reunion Comments

I’m not jumping to any conclusions and we already saw Frank’s response to Gerard’s comments, but… This is the first time Gerard publicly acknowledged the possibility of a reunion. Everything else from him has seemed very definitive concerning the break up.

So definitely stay patient, cause nothing seems around the corner, and I’m not trying to open old wounds because accepting they were done sucked!!!! But, this gives me hope that the gears are turning.

Band breakup Tweet was deleted

Shit's getting real- unless someone can confirm there never was a breakup tweet on their official Twitter... I'm confirming it has been deleted. They run from Feb 2013 to Jan 2014. Kinda losing it here.

Guns N' Roses reuniting... makes you wonder

I know there is absolutely no connection, so I don't want to give anyone that impression.

There is however a similar scenario in which very few could have imagined the (majority of) original Guns N' Roses members ever playing together again and yet... they are.

Again no connection to MCR, but it's funny to consider the seemingly impossible occasionally becoming possible.

DIY Venue

I have a buddy that plays in a local punk band that I'm going to see tonight. For anyone that's familiar with 924 Gilman Street where Green Day got their start, we have a similar venue (community ran, same rule set) here in Pittsburgh. Anyway, enjoy whatever your getting into tonight and this weekend, rock on everyone.


Gerard's blog on the Twitter Situation

Thanks to Property of Zack for posting this, but if you go to the following URL:

You'll be able to read Gerard's response to everything. It's fairly cryptic, of course I barely I know what the issue was in the first place. I guess he's just not going to be the bearer of MCR news any longer, not to say he wont talk about "memories" and such. But no more official word will come from him concerning it.

I don't even care about the official Twitter, I think the last thing posted in it was the Gerard/Deadmau5e thing.

The future of this website

I know a big deal was made about the Twitter, but Gerard had this to say about this site:

@gerardway: @ohgerardway the mcr website is staying around for sure, the band had actually always owned that since the beginning

So get comfortable everyone!

DVD for the T Shirt?

What's up everyone, the vinyl came with the DVD... I have no idea why the vinyl came with the DVD and the CD came with the tshirt. I don't want the DVD, I'll never watch it. I'll prob sell it on EBay or whatever, but I figured I'd throw this offer out there...

Did someone out there get the tshirt but would rather have the DVD? I'll trade you, just reply to this post and let me know. I'm a pretty petite dude, so I'm looking for a medium or small.

No big deal, just throwing this out there before I sell it. Thanks.

My account is a year old

That's all, good night everyone

Cheers to the night

What's up everyone? Definitely raise your fist tonight

St Pat's Partying???

No, I'm not Irish... at all. But any holiday that encourages you to get up and party with friends at the crack of dawn is right for me!

We used to go downtown, but about 3 years ago that became more trouble than it's worth, now we have breakfast and pre-game at my house then walk to a bunch of bars by my place.

If anyone's ever seen The Perks of Being a Wallflower, the street with the movie theater they see Rocky Horror Picture Show at is the same street by my house that we'll be walking to. Kind of cool connection...

btw... the weird picture of me in my profile is Halloween night this year