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Gerard's blog on the Twitter Situation

Thanks to Property of Zack for posting this, but if you go to the following URL:


You'll be able to read Gerard's response to everything. It's fairly cryptic, of course I barely I know what the issue was in the first place. I guess he's just not going to be the bearer of MCR news any longer, not to say he wont talk about "memories" and such. But no more official word will come from him concerning it.

I don't even care about the official Twitter, I think the last thing posted in it was the Gerard/Deadmau5e thing. The one nugget I saw him tweet two days ago was that the band does and has always owned this site, and it's not going down. Which is cool, it be pretty unnesessary to rip the community apart.

But yeah... there. Take no prisoners this weekend.


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The future of this website

I know a big deal was made about the Twitter, but Gerard had this to say about this site:

@gerardway: @ohgerardway the mcr website is staying around for sure, the band had actually always owned that since the beginning

So get comfortable everyone!

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DVD for the T Shirt?

What's up everyone, the vinyl came with the DVD... I have no idea why the vinyl came with the DVD and the CD came with the tshirt. I don't want the DVD, I'll never watch it. I'll prob sell it on EBay or whatever, but I figured I'd throw this offer out there...

Did someone out there get the tshirt but would rather have the DVD? I'll trade you, just reply to this post and let me know. I'm a pretty petite dude, so I'm looking for a medium or small.

No big deal, just throwing this out there before I sell it. Thanks.

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My account is a year old

That's all, good night everyone

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Cheers to the night

What's up everyone? Definitely raise your fist tonight

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St Pat's Partying???

No, I'm not Irish... at all. But any holiday that encourages you to get up and party with friends at the crack of dawn is right for me!

We used to go downtown, but about 3 years ago that became more trouble than it's worth, now we have breakfast and pre-game at my house then walk to a bunch of bars by my place.

If anyone's ever seen The Perks of Being a Wallflower, the street with the movie theater they see Rocky Horror Picture Show at is the same street by my house that we'll be walking to. Kind of cool connection...

btw... the weird picture of me in my profile is Halloween night this year (ha, sorry to anyone that thought I might always dress like that... actually, I wish I did! but sadly I don't). I was headed to that theater for a midnight showing of Rocky Horror that night.

Sorry... tons of connections, have a great St. Patty, doing anything cool?


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Thank you to anyone that voted, I won a huge upset (I was the 16 seed and beat the 1) in this favortie podcaster tournament.

If you can spare two seconds, paste this link in your browser:


All you have to do is click "Vote" next to "Mike Kassep (Meeting Stone)".... that's me. I'm down the page a little, just ignore everything else. That's it!

I really appreciate this communities help, you guys rock! Thanks.


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Arcade Fire Concert Tonight

What's up everyone, anyone an Arcade Fire fan? I'm seeing them in Pittsburgh tonight. They're one of my favorite bands, this will be the second time I saw them. Sucks it's on a Wednesday night, but whatev....

If you've not heard of them, check out Wake Up, (Neighborhood #1) Tunnels, Rebellion (Lies), and Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains).

I give you all a no-suck guarantee, you might find a new favorite band.


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I was voted into a favorite podcaster tournament! It was totally unexpected, but I figure what the hell, might as well do a little campaigning.

If you could spare 2 seconds, just click the link below, scroll to the bottom quadrant (Northrend) and click "Vote" next to "Mike Kassep (Meeting Stone)"... that's me. That's it, you don't have to click or vote for anything else. The vote link will just spin, but you can close the browser, if you open it again you'll see it says you voted.


Thanks in advance- you guys rock and have a great Friday


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Green Day's Dookie performed by Anti-Flag

What's up everyone, it's Friday. But who ever needs reminded of that?

A local punk band from Pittsburgh that's been around since the late 80's, Anti-Flag, is covering Dookie top to bottom in honor of its 20 year anniversary.

I'm going to record a few songs, if any turn out killer I'll post here

Kick this weekend's ass everyone