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You are NOT getting this much information out of me!!!


1-What color bra are you wearing now?
2-Honestly, what color are your panties?

3-What is your favorite things in a guy? sense of humour, nice, good-looking (to me), jokey, nice smile, good fashion sense, likes me for me

4-What is your most awkward moment?
hehehe I can't pick just one!!

5- are you uncomfortable answering some of these questions?


1-what is the thing people notice about you that sticks out?
my weirdness


You make me feel/Eternally Missed


Who are they?
An inspiring band

How long have you known about them?
About 4 years but I have been a huge fan for 2

Who introduced you to them?
One of my best friends

What was your first impression of them?
They were really depressing and dark.....but intriguingly awesome!

Favorite album?
Probably Three Cheers

Favorite Song?
I couldn't choose, it's too hard!!! At the minute maybe My Way Home Is Through You

Favorite album artwork?
Three Cheers

Least Favorite album?
Don't have one

Least Favorite song?
Also don't have one

Least Favorite album artwork?
Same as above :)

Who do


I'm in my last year of secondary school, and at the end of this year I have to go to college/sixth form. I'm applying for the sixth form connected to my school, but I'm really worried and scared about it now. What if I don't know anyone in my classes? What if the new teachers I get don't like me?? What if I don't get the teacher that I REALLY want for english???????? Why is it so stressful, how do I calm down????? Have any of you gone through this and how did you stop stressing so much? And should I talk to the english teacher to see if they have any influence over the classes they get??

NME Awards 2012 voting.....

IT'S SO DIFFICULT!!!!! I'm voting for Muse for everything because they are the best as there is no MCR then......question 17....Hottest Man!! So hard because the nominees are:
~ Dom Howard, Muse (don't really care)
~ Andy Sixx, Black Veil Brides (also don't care)
~Gerard Way, MCR!!!!!!!!
~Jared Leto, 30STM!
~ Matt Bellamy, Muse!!!!

How do I choose between Matt or Gee??????????????
Who would you vote for???
Cyanide Scorpion

Music up full blast.......

Drowning out the sound of my family watching Paranormal Activity. I HATE scary movies, especially ones like this one yet they decided to watch it anyway!!!!!!!! And right next to me!!!! So now I'm petrified, and the sound on my computer doesn't go high enough!!!!!!
Thank you for the ice comments about my poem, you are all so nice!!!!! :)
Destroy the silence, show me it's real, wasting our last chance to come away!
Cyanide Scorpion

Unnamed poem

Hi so I just randomly wrote this a little while ago and thought I'd post it on here. If anyone can think of a title for it, I'd really appreciate it!!! Please be nice, I don't show my poetry to anyone!

Beautiful, terrible girl
Swirling and thund’rous emotion
Tornado that’s ready to whirl
Yet heart still full of devotion

Life led by following blindly
Sinners with just one quest
So if you would ever so kindly
Hear my only request

Leave this girl to her dreams
To get on with her life
Otherwise I’ll be hearing your screams
As you meet the sharp end of my knife

Your blood would drip down the walls

Favourite Bands.....

I know that most, if not all, of you have My Chemical Romance as your favourite band in the WHOLE WORLD, but I was wondering, what are your other favourite bands????? Just curious. If anyone looks at my blogs, you can tell that my second favourite band is Muse, then my third is Fall Out Boy.
When the zetas fill the skies, will our leaders tell us why?
Cyanide Scorpion

I feel sick....

I have a biology exam tomorrow which I'm dreading because I know WAAAAAAY less than I thought I did!!!!!!!!! Currently, Muse at reading ^^^^ Is keeping me sane!!!
Destroy the silence, show me it's real
Cyanide Scorpion


Ugh I feel awful!! I've spent all week working hard at school and in exams, and have more next week and the week after and thought I'd get the weekend to relax but noooooooo, I've caught something and I'm ill now!!!! Absolute nightmare!!!!! On the plus side, this song is awesome!!!!!
I am hungry for some unrest, I want to push this beyond a peaceful protest
Cyanide Scorpion


My exams are KILLING me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why the HELL do they think its a GOOD idea to squash ALL the exams into one FRANKING month??????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Come ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ugh, I hope I do well. Literature, yey! Not.