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Ow. Just tried to put my headphones on, slipped, and hit myself in the face with them. Again, ow. :)
Cyanide Scorpion


So all the blogs are gone! Zone 6 is back to the beginning. And I just find it entertaining. That is the extent of my opinion.
Cyanide Scorpion
PS I want my blogs back! :)

I'm so fed up with.....

"Friends" who just use me and don't really care about me, who don't understand me but think they do, who I wish I could get rid of. I mean, not all of my friends are like, but most are, and the few that are nice are either going to different sixth forms this year, so I won't see them, or are on here (hey silicone :D). I am fed up with them, but I can't get rid of them because they are ALWAYS THERE!!!!!!!! I can't stand them anymore!!!!! And they just use me for everything and push me around. I've changed, they haven't. They just don't realise that I've grown out of them yet.


Hehehe :D


Yeah I just felt like posting something. Sorry for wasting your time :D
And it's a crying shame...
Cyanide Scorpion

It makes me SICK!!!!!!

I give up on humanity!!!!!!! My so-called-government want to take the passports and driving licenses away from mothers who don't let their children see their dads. Ok, sometimes the mothers don't do it for the right reasons. But 1, taking those things away is against their human rights, which the government are ALWAYS going on about when it comes to prisoners, whose mattresses "aren't soft enough". Boo-hoo, they shouldn't have committed a crime. And 2, I REFUSED to see my dad from the age of 6, and my mum did what I wanted, and I'm glad.

Leaving school

Just a few more days at school for me, two more exams, prom, a sixth form taster day and that's it. It's quite sad really, because I went to a different school before the secondary I'm leaving now, and the first school was awful, so I only got to spend 3 years at the school I'm at now. It's wonderful, and all the people (well nearly all) are lovely and so nice, and I've made a lot of new friends, both students and teachers, and learned so many things, not just about education, but about life. I can't believe it's over, and it's time for me to move on. But it is.


I know it's an MCR website, but seriously, any fans of Muse, THIS is for you!!!!!! I'm so excited for their new album!!!!!! :D AHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!
Cyanide Scorpion

Last day of secondary school!!

I've just had my leaver's day from secondary school and it was so bittersweet!! I'm so sad, but happy!!!! Is anyone else leaving this year? It's just so sad, there's so many people I'll never see again, and I've never realised how much of an impact they've had on my life, including the teachers! I mean, I'm going to the sixth form connected to my school next year, but two of my favourite teachers won't be there next year :( It's just so sad!!!!! I don't want to leave!!!!!!!
I got these questions always running through my head, So many things that I would like to understand

Another tired rant! :)

Why do your dreams mess with your head?? All you want is a nice, imaginary world where you are happy and everything you ever wished for is there. Do you get it? No. You get a world, not dissimilar to your own, where usually you either face the problems you face in real life, or face other, more horrific problems. Why can't your mind just give you a break? Why does it want to push you to breaking point? Zombies, vampires, death, spiders, fire, needles, teeth falling out, heights, all of these are found in our fears, and found in our dreams. Love, happiness, innocence. These fill our hearts.