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CyanideScorpion's blog

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Fail Blog 2!!

So, the Fail Blog was going to be a daily occurrence but lately, since I started it, I haven't been failing as often. So I thought I'd leave it a couple of days until I had a few. Here are my fails from the past couple of days:
~ AGAIN, got a bathroom door opened into my back. You'd have thought I'd learned my lesson from last time but noooooo.
~ My friend fell over and pulled me with her. Thankfully we didn't fall but it was close!
~ Lost my balance in the middle of my living room and nearly fell sideways
~ Pulled, like, 15 muscles in my hand and wrist trying to perfect I'm Not Okay hard on

I HATE having glasses!!!!!!!!

So, I usually don't mind wearing glasses, they suit me. But today, I found some party masks in one of my kitchen cupboards and thought I could paint it and use it as my killjoy mask as I don't have one, only a design. First of all, the mask looks REALLY weird on me and b, IT DOESN'T FIT OVER MY STUPID GLASSES!!!!!!!!! This means I can't wear a mask! What should I do????? Bandana instead of mask maybe? I'd love your suggestions!! And are there any other killjoys with glasses/the same problem? Thanks.....

Day 5 - A song that reminds you of someone

This song reminds me of my Nana as it was played at her funeral. Rest In Peace Nana xx

Happy Birthday Bandit!!!!!

Yeah, everyone else is and she deserves it!!!!!! Have a great day!!!!

PS does anyone know when Cherry and Lily's birthday is?

The inspiration for my name......

Not my real name, my killjoy name. I think it was Frank's scorpion tattoo, the fact that my star sign is Scorpio, I saw someone called Cyanide Revenge and MCR mention cyanide in "To The End". Just thought I'd randomly mention that because I felt like doing it. :)

Day 4 - A song that makes you sad

I think this one makes everyone's gotta be Cancer.


I'm SOOOOOOOOO bored!!!!!!!!!! This and youtube are keeping me sane, my coffee buzz is wearing off and I'm shattered but it's only 9.40pm!!! Who knew you could be this bored on the computer? If my school hadn't had wet lunch today I could've gone to art and printed off an image of Frank's scorpion tattoo and I could've been drawing it now. But noooo, you can't be happy at school at all, can you?

Stolen Quiz!

Bored OUT OF MY MIND!!! So I thought I'd steal this!

1) You ready for 125 questions?
2) Was your last real relationship a mistake?
Never been in one :(
3) Do you believe in God?
I do.
4) Who last said "I love you" to you?
My Mum
5) Do you think they regret it?
6) Have you ever been depressed?
A little bit a few years ago but it won't happen again
7) Have a best friend?
2-4, not sure lol
8) Are you a boy or a girl?
9) What is your relationship status?
10) How do you want to die?
I don't ever want to!!!
11) What did you last eat?

Day 3 - A song that makes you happy

It would have to be Dead! There are so many but this one just puts me in an amazing mood for some strange reason! :)

Fail Blog!

This post is not a fail, it's a theme. As in, this is how I failed today. Well, today.....
~ I stood up from a chair and immediately fell over
~ When doing long jump I forgot to jump
~ I opened a door into myself
~ 5 lads walked by, shouted something to me, I flipped them off then my friend told me they were telling us we were late for class
~ Gestured with my phone in my hand and it slipped out and flew across my bedroom
~ Just now, stood up and tripped over my headphone wire
~ Bent over with my ipod in my pocket and it fell out and pulled my earphones out with it

Can't remember if there are