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Oh My Gee!!!!

Me and my family just got a new computer screen and it's HUGE!!!!!!!!! Everything is so detailed, it's amazing!!!!! Just felt like sharing :D
Cyanide Scorpion

Come on, Killjoys!!!

I know the site is quite quiet at the minute, but maybe it means that the most enthusiastic bloggers have left, or just don't have the time to come on as often as usual. I'm sure that a lot of us are left, but we don't blog that much so we aren't noticed. Since the break up (NOOOOOOO!!!!!!) I have only posted 2 blogs, this being my third. Don't lose hope and don't give up on this site, we're all here :) Maybe we should all make an effort to blog and comment a little more than usual? :)
Burn bright!
Cyanide Scorpion

It is a crime...

...that there are only four blogs from today on the front page. Just because the band have physically split up, doesn't mean we need to ignore this website. But enough of the philosophicality (not a word lol) (copyright me @ just now!)

So how are all of you doing? I saw Muse on the 1st June, it was awesome! 30 seconds to mars are touring and it would be great to go but I have no way of getting there so oh well. Still stuck at college even though this year's exams are over. Hope you're all brilliant!

Cyanide Scorpion

PS What do you think of "Philosophicality" as the name of a book?

Long time, no type

Hi guys :)
I haven't blogged in a while, and I was just wondering how everyone is? The site is a bit quieter than it used to be. It's sad really, but I suppose that's what'll happen. And of course, we're hitting exam season which does NOT make recreational computer use easy or guilt-free. I just wish I didn't have so many exams. I don't even have THAT many, but 7 is a bit much.
Anyway, to the point. I enjoy writing stories, and I am now getting into manga - drawing and reading. So I'm trying to come up with a manga idea, and I have the tiny little parts to start off with, but not much.

Coursework is a bitch!

Ugh, I hate coursework, and I'm currently slogging my way through my english coursework, but it's so difficult, I can't be bothered and I'm just so TIRED!!!! And it's ALL due tomorrow, but I'm NOWHERE near done! :( Ugh, why?!?!

What are your "______ is a bitch?" things?

Cyanide Scorpion

I'm in shock...

I only just found out today. None of my friends decided to tell me that my favourite band, a band that I love and have loved for what feels like forever, has split up. I'm numb, I feel really devastated, but the tears don't fall, the pain doesn't start, and I just can't believe it. MCR splitting up was never a possibility that imagined, and I just can't process this. I know that the idea of MCR is still alive, but at the moment I just can't.....I just can't.
I just need time to process, like I'm sure we all do. But at least I know that while the band have split, the MCRmy never will.

Got my A-Level results today!

I got the results from my first AS level exams. I got an A in my further maths exam and I got an A -100% - in my maths exam!!!!!! I'm so happy!!!!! :)

Sorry if this sounds dozy but.....

...what is this thing with Mikey cheating? I haven't been on the internet in AGES and got told at college that Mikey cheated on his wife, so I wanted to come to the most reliable source that I could for this information, which is you guys. So has he cheated, or are these vicious rumours? I know that the band probably wouldn't want us talking about this, but I want to be able to defend them if someone at college tries to say it's true when it isn't.
Cyanide Scorpion

Movie 43

Has anyone seen the trailer for Movie 43? I think it looks hilarious! Anyway, they've used Na Na Na on the trailer!!!! :)

Writer's block....

As part of my english, I have to write a piece of fiction and I'm writing a short horror story. I've come up with an idea, but my teacher said it still isn't good enough (not as blunt as that though). It has to be REALLY original and REALLY amazing. I used to be able to come up with great horror story plots but as soon as I decided to do one for this I couldn't think of ANYTHING!!! Does anyone have any tips to help me come up with something really, REAAAALLY good????