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Don't worry, I'm not looking for anyone to talk to. I just miss specific people. 2 to be exact. I have work experience this week so I won't see my best friend who I see every day at school until next monday and I'm not used to not being around her. And my phone is out of money so I can't text her! The other person is on here, he abruptly logged off when I was talking to him last night and hasn't been on since and I'd just like to talk to him. Sorry for bogging you down, guys! :)
Keep Running.
Cyanide Scorpion

I love this!

Just found it. Gerard is a GEEnius!!!!!

Fan: "I'm reading a MCR/Harry Potter fanfic." Gerard: "The fact that exists blows my mind. I better be Slytherin is all I'm saying..."

Slowest person ever?

ME!! Only just got the "Or am I just fat?" thing!!

Person: "Whoa you look fat! Do you realize that or I'm wrong?" Gerard: "Whoa! You look like an idiot. Do you realize that or am I just fat?"

Bulletproof heart.

Found this, have no idea if it's real or not.

Bulletproof heart?

Dear MCR. Come on, guys!! Either give us a video or tell us there won't be one! Waiting is worse than knowing. Still love you all though!!


My friend just lost a really close relative and they need to organise a funeral but I don't know how and nor do they. Do any of you know how you would organise a funeral in the UK? They really need the help, I'll love you forever if you help!!! Any advice would be good.

Run Away, Like It Was Yesterday Prologue

So I said there'd be no sign of my fanfic until Tuesday but I can put the prologue on now for you guys. So here is the (hopefully) long awaited prologue to my fan fiction. I hope you guys like it! Tell me what you think, I'm nervous posting this!


We were running. Just running. Our first act of freedom. Three 15 year old girls running through the desert, fleeing the people who had held us hostage since we were very young. We had escaped from BL/ind after years of slave labour and imprisonment and had found out the truth about our heritage.


Ok, I know you guys don't care but I want to tell people. When my school has broken up for the summer holidays, I'm going to get my haircut really short, like a pixie cut. This may not seem like much but I'm a coward and this is the most dramatic thing I've done to my appearance ever, I think. Also, I've had long-ish hair since I was 5 and it's never been as short as I want it. I just have to make sure I don't chicken out!!
So, if you could do something drastic to your appearance that you could reverse if you wanted to, what would it be?


Alright, the fanfic I was going to start posting won't be up until probably Tuesday but that gives me time to write more! Anyone got ideas for a name?

Random nicknames/titles for the band

Me and my friend were messing around in class and came up with these.

Gerard - Queen of Sass (I know, he's already called that, it's what gave us the idea)
Frank - Lord of Dogs (we thought Pimp of Dogs because it sounded cool but was a bit inappropriate so we didn't!)
Ray - King of Cupcakes (Oh, the irony!)
Moikay - King of Bass (Imaginative?)
My friend - Queen of Converse
Me - Queen of Procrastination

What would yours be? And yes, Gee is the QUEEN of Sass, no-one can deny it! :)
Keep Running, Crash Queens!

PS This song is awesome, well, Gee is. And hot. Me likes the rain!