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Kleptomanic Diseased....

Off school because I'm ill and have been for 4 days!!! I thought I'd cheer myself up with this!

(x) You wear hoodies
(x) You wear jeans
( ) Dogs are better than cats (They're both AMAZING!!!!!)
(x) It’s hilarious when people get hurt
(x) You’ve played with/against boys on a team (Do snowball fights count?)
( ) Shopping is torture
( ) Sad movies suck
( ) You own a Wii
(x) You played with Hot Wheels as a little kid
( ) At some point in life you wanted to be a firefighter
(x) You own a DS, PS2, Gamecube, Gameboy, or Sega
( ) You used to be/are obsessed with Power

Thank you!!!

Thanks to everyone who answered my survey for my coursework, I really appreciate it!!! You guys are the best!!!!!!!
If you want to answer it, here's the link:
Thanks again!!!!!
Can't find my way home
Cyanide Scorpion

Please answer!!

So, I have to do a survey for my textiles coursework and I'd appreciate it if you guys would answer it for me. I don't have long to type this, 2 minutes max, so sorry for the spelling. Please choose one from each question. There are only 7 questions! Thanks!!!!

1. What kind of colours do you prefer to wear?
- Pale colours
- Bright colours
- Dark colours

2. What is your usual price range for clothes? (In pounds but dollars or euros work too, whatever)
- £0-£15
- £16-£30
- £31-£40
- £41+

3. When do you usually wear dresses?
- Formal
- A day out
- Never
- A night out

4. Would you wear a dress to

New image

So I have a new icon/image/avatar thingy and I wanted to make sure; that IS Gee and Frankie, right? Just making sure!!! Appreciate your help so please comment!
Somewhere out there loves you.....
Cyanide Scorpion


Hmmm...supposedly boredom breeds contempt. I think boredom breeds ideas. Like, do you find that ideas come when you are trying to get to sleep or staring into space? Mine do. And when I'm blaring music but not concentrating on it. Just random musings from someone with nothing better to do at 9.20pm. How are you all? Hope you are FABULOUS!!!!
Welcome to this Institution
Cyanide Scorpion
PS DO I sound really formal?


31 years Still sticking forks into toasters?
Three cheers for the best (not) asthmatic, unicorn (shredding) loving, showering with the heater bassist in the world!!!! :)
Defiant to the end...
Cyanide Scorpion


Have my first day back to school tomorrow, hate it!!!! I have soooo much coursework that I'm doing last minute it's unbelievable!!!!!!! ARGH!!!!! Can't take the stress!!!!!
Hope you guys are all enjoying school as much as possible!!!
Cyanide Scorpion
PS To those who like the book Lord of the Flies, ARE YOU INSANE?!?!?!?! Attempting to read it for school is KILLING ME!!!!!!!!!!

*Insert something other than "Hey guys!!"*

So, logged on and saw two new blog posts. Won't concentrate on Frank's because they want us to forget so, I wish they recover soon, and I hope you all (band and fans) have fun tonight!!!
Second one, Gee. Took me a while to realise he went to the cinema to see the new Fright Night because the original was on TV last night. I want to see it too and will be on the look out for the Alkaline Trio poster!!! The movie now has the "g" approval meaning I HAVE TO GO SEE IT!!!! Nah, I wanted to anyway!
So, are you lovely people thinking of going to the cinema to see anything soon?
Losing the feeling of

Who am I? I've already done this!!

WHOA!!! It said I'm Frank! Awesome, because that's my I know why!

Gerard Way:
[ ] Born in April
[ ] You've been addicted to alcohol and/or drugs
[X] Born a leader
[X] You love drawing and you do it well
[X] You love singing
[X] You don't take crap from anyone
[X] You're afraid of needles
[ ] You call your friends by their last names instead of their first
[X] You have siblings and love them
[ ] You have brown/green eyes

Mikey Way:
[ ] Born in September
[ ] You play bass
[ ] You have asthma
[X] You are near-sighted
[X] You wear glasses
[X] You've had the

YAY!!! And stay safe.....

2 things. 1. I hope all you people on the east coast of the US are ok and stay ok. We're all thinking about you.
2. I found a clean version of Vampire Money!!!!! FINALLY!!!!!