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To all Muse fans..... Part Two

Thanks you three killjoys for replying, I took into consideration everything you said.....then my Mum said I could have all of them!!!!!! And really cheap. So thanks you guys for replying and I'm glad there are other Muse fans on here!!! :)
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Cyanide Scorpion

To all Muse fans.....

I have decided to get a Muse album for Christmas and I can't choose because at the minute, I only know about 3 songs off each album. I would love it if you could tell me which album you think is the best. I know it's an MCR website but I love Muse too. Thanks guys!!!! :)
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Cyanide Scorpion


I'm writing a story (a vampire story, don't judge :) and I want to have clans or tribes in it that are Russian. However, trying to translate something with google gives me: императрица yet in fiction books I've read, and history books, there are russian words but the use the english alphabet like Bolshevik. Can anyone explain this/do you know Russian because I'd really appreciate the help! Thanks :)
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Just sat watching Muse videos on YouTube and heard an awesome lyric, which is the purpose of the post. Oh and my TV is broken and no-ones at home so I'm bored and lonely!!!
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Pure Perfection.......

I always keep forgetting how BEAUTIFUL this song is. It's really lovely, and weirdly always tugs on my heartstrings. It's my kind of love song!!!!!
Thanks killjoys who commented on my story, I had a massive confidence boost!!!!!! Some more will be coming soon!!!!
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Cyanide Scorpion

Run Away, Like It Was Yesterday Chapter 1

* Well it's been...... 4 months since I posted the prologue so I'll put it on this post instead of giving you the link. I hope you like it, please post a comment on what you think!!!!! It's a killjoy story*


We were running. Just running. Our first act of freedom. Three 15 year old girls running through the desert, fleeing the people who had held us hostage since we were very young. We had escaped from BL/ind after years of slave labour and imprisonment and had found out the truth about our heritage.

Awesomeness!!!! :)

A killjoy called Ravan VanSlaughter on here just posted the above video and I watched about 20 seconds and Geezy introduced Placebo, one of his favourite bands!!! I know he was probably just saying it but it reminded me that I love the placebo songs that I know! So thank you Geezy!!!!
Oh and according to this random lad I encountered at school, fingerless gloves are "for emos so they can slit their fingertips." Well, mine fingertips must be non-existent with my fingerless glove obsession, mustn't they?? :)
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Well, with me being ill, I FORGOT that today was the 1 year anniversiary of Danger Days!! I know, right? Anyway, just wanted to say, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! And thank you danger days for all the pick me ups!!!!
Erm.......that's actually all for now. Oh yeah funny story,for any jackass watchers, yesterday a guy at my school went round for 15 minutes doing the party boy dance to everyone! It was pretty hilarious!!!
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Cyanide Scorpion

Art project!!!!!!!!!!!

I have just started the next part of my art project for school.....which is about MCR!!!!!!!!!! I have drawn the first picture already for the title page and am now currently drawing the second. I have to concentrate on a particular song and make a sculpture loosely based on it. So, which song off the black parade has the most meaning and why? I have to do the black parade because I can do more about it with the daily mail and al that stupid-ness!!! Not that I mind the black parade, I love it!!! Just killjoys would be cool...or revenge....
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Where is your boy tonight, I hope he is a gentleman.....

Haven't posted anything in a while so felt like it. Hmm.....
Ok, I am so happy about this. Yesterday I was watching this programme called human target which I had recorded and this lad went to a party and NA NA NA WAS PLAYING!!!!! It was AWESOME!!! Then there was a fight scene, in time to na na na!!!!!! It was called the other side of the mall, if you can find it and it's so cool!!!!!!!!!!!
Also, I was in english class and we had tis task, fiction or non-fiction. It seems daft but trust me, some people in my class, it's needed.