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Exam helpness!!!!!!

I know this is probably very unlikely but is anyone in the UK sitting the english literature poetry GCSE exam on the 17th Jan??? If you are can you help me!!!! Please??????
I want to reconcile the violence in your heart
Cyanide Scorpion

I feel old....

Everyone is filling in the latest quiz on here and the first question is how old will you be in 5 years? I've seen two answers, 16 and 18. I'll be 21!!!!!!!!!!! Just makes me feel really old! Absolutely no point in this. Oh well!! :)
Sing for absolution, I will be singing, and falling from your grace
Cyanide Scorpion

Random Muse-ness!!

Sorry, just thought I'd post something random about one of my other favourite bands, MUSE!! But MCR are my all time favourite. Yeah, that's all I have! :)
OH, is anyone in England doing an English Language higher non-fiction GCSE exam on Tuesday the 10th Jan? Can you help me, I don't know what I'm supposed to be doing!!!!!
I wanna scream I love you from the top of my lungs, but I'm afraid that someone else will hear me.
Cyanide Scorpion


Write the first thing that comes to mind.
01 Hello: Hi
02 Love: Sorrow
03 Cow: My re teacher
04 Peace: Hippies
05 Sky: Blue
06 Mr. Big: Sex in the City
07 Horror: Novels

Answer with only one word.
01 You are a: Scorpio?
02 You drink: Tea
03 Your first kiss: Nope!
04 Where are you: Home
05 You like: CHEESE!!!
06 Hate is: Common
07 Love is: painful
08 You dream of: Nothing
09 You can’t spell: Superstition
10 Your favourite color is: Pink

Answer either yes or no. No “maybes” allowed.
01 You like a boy/girl: Yes (boy)
02 You would kiss someone for $10: No
03 You’re addicted to

Verse-moi, verse-moi l'ivresse.......

Verse-moi, verse-moi l'ivresse....roughly translated via google to Pour me, pour me drunk, a state I may or may not have been last night when I changed my page. I wasn't drunk, just a bit tipsy, but I don't drink much and it was mixed with LOTS of coca cola but obviously, I get drunk VERY quickly. I was literally on here, swaying to Muse, and thinking what the hell, I'll type whatever random stuff pops into my head. Which was nothing. At all. And now I have to redo my page all over again! :)
Happy new year to everyone!!! I hope that you make good new years resolutions and wish you the

La la la la la la la......

There is NO point in this blog, I apologise for wasting your time. I might as well put something useful...... *click* there's an awesome song by Muse for you!!!!!! :) No matter who you guys are, you're all amazing, unbelievable, invincible!!!!!!! (Watch the video) Stay beautiful, people!
What you choose to be, and whatever they say, your soul's unbreakable, together we're invincible!
Cyanide Scorpion
PS are any of you interested in teenage vampire novels or do you think they are all pathetic and lame?

Please let me get what I want......

On the John Lewis advert in the UK, a cover of The Smiths Let Me Get What I Want is used with a female singer. I have just found this and personally, I love this cover the best!!! :)
I have nothing helpful or useful to say....
And tonight we can truly say, together we're invincible
Cyanide Scorpion

I LOVE filling these in!!!!!

If you were a rockstar:

You would play:
[ ] Guitar/Bass
[ ] Drums
[x] Sing
[ ] Backing singer
[ ] Other

You would act:
[ ] Cocky
[ ] Adorable
[ ] Charming
[x] Dark
[x] Funny
[x] Sexy (I'd try)
[ ] Quiet
[x] Loud (sometimes)
[x] Camera shy
[ ] Serious

You would marry:
[ ] Someone you knew before you were famous
[ ] Another celebrity
[ ] A fan
[x] Wait until you find the right person

You would be known for:
[ ] Your appearance
[x] How well you played
[x] Your personality
[ ] For playing in a really famous band

Which 'one' would you be?
[ ] The adorable one
[x] The Sassy

My life ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *touch wood*

No real reason for posting this....or for my life rocking....but it does! I'm happy and at peace with most of the world and in a pretty brilliant place right now. Too bad I can't think of anything to say!! :) So Merry Christmas, awesome people who read this (and comment) XD
It's scent has been blowing in my direction
Cyanide Scorpion

No Facebook/Twitter/Stupidness!!!!!!!

Just realised the social networking buttons have gone!!!!!!! Yay!!!!!!!!!! XD lyric.......
Give me the peace and joy in your mind!
Cyanide Scorpion