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Happy Birthday Gee!!

Hope you're having a great birthday!!! I can't wait for the new album! Really guys, what gene does Gerard have, he looks SOOOO young!?!

I hope all of you are great! How are you?

I'm really obsessed with Supernatural and I'm gutted because I don't get t on TV, I have to wait for the DVDs. Season 9: October. Why!?

Cyanide Scorpion


I got a trash bin on Animal Crossing New Leaf after 8 months!!!! For anyone who doesn't have this game, this means NOTHING to you! :) So I hope at least one person on here understands what I'm on about :D
On another note, there are SOOOO many new people on here which is great to see, but means that a lot of the original members are dropping off the radar. Come on killjoys, old and new, we have to keep the website, and MCR, alive!

May death never stop you


Confusing feels!!!

The guys posted! I can't believe it, so many feels!! But it's so confusing, because the thing I was doing before I read what they said was watching this video, and I was laughing my backside off!!!! Hope everyone is staying happy! :)

Awesome Night!!!

I went to a Christmas party last night and it was amazing!! Almost everyone was completely smashed, but not me, and they were hilarious :-) It was just great, and I'm going to a friend's birthday party in two weeks so I hope that's good as well. How was everyone else's Friday night?

To whomever wrote the blog about not giving up...

I read it and thought that it was super inspiring. It is 100% true and we all have to keep supporting each other and MCR. WE are MCR!!! No matter what we do, we have to keep MCR and our community. It's time to do it now and do it loud!

Forever a fabulous killjoy,
Cyanide Scorpion

Happy Birthday!!!!

I just want to wish happy birthday to an amazing friend, silicone survivor!!!!!!!!! Hope you're having a great day!!!! :)

Stay strong!

I know a lot of us are going through a hard time right now, just by looking at the blogs, but guys, one of the comforting things about MCR was surely the feeling of community between the fans. Just because they aren't together anymore doesn't mean we aren't. We can all help each other to keep running can't we? I'm here if anyone needs to talk or get advice, and I'm sure that there are others on here who are willing to help. So if you are having a hard time and need a friendly ear, I'll listen to you.
Stay Strong, Keep Running
Cyanide Scorpion


I got my AS level results today and I'm so happy!! I got an A in maths, an A in English language, a B in further maths and a D in chemistry. I'm not bothered about chemistry, I was really ill in one of the exams. I'm so pleased, I did better than I thought I did! Whoo! :-)

Miss Jackson!

Hey, so a couple of people today and maybe yesterday have mentioned this song, Miss Jackson by Panic! at the Disco, and I thought I'd post it so other people could hear it. It's really good, I've been listening o it for days and I'm excited for Patd's new album coming out soon!!

Also, I'm really glad to see there has been an increase in blog posts. Even if it isn't much, I think it's an improvement. But we need more!! More posts, more comments! You have some breakfast, we want to know. Like a song? Tell us! Need a rant? We're here to listen! :)

"Killjoys never die" is more important now than

For Lonestar...

...And the sake of this website, I will be posting about My Chemical Romance. They are in kerrang! the week just gone, so if you want the issue you need to buy it TODAY, or ask the newsagent/shop tomorrow if they still have a copy left. They have the cover, whoo!!!! It's the greatest 50 My Chemical Romance songs, and there's a note from Frank in it! :) So everyone, quickly buy it!!!!!

Also, I really agree with what Lonestar said so if we could all post every day, or as often as we can, about anything we can, life, music, films, like Lonestar said, then we'll be able to get this website back