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AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! I went to Gerard's gig two days ago on the 5th and it was SO AWESOME!!!! I got to meet him as well, and he signed my ticket, and I'm so happy!!! I wish it wasn't over, but that's life, and time. But I'm so happy, I still can't believe it happened :D Was anyone else there?



So I was seems to be mentioning the guys' new projects, and I thought I'd ask why? Is it taboo or something? 'Cause I really want someone to fangirl to about the fact that I just got tickets to see Gee in November, and I'm also seeing Frankie in November!!!!!! :D Is anyone else?

Happy IMCRD!!!!!

I saw that no-one else had posted about it being Internation My Chemical Romance Day. Even if the band have broken up *sobs* today will always be IMCRD and I'll always celebrate them, especially today. So do it loud and do it proud, whatever IT may be! :)

Yeah, keeping the MCRmy alive!

1) Favorite food?
4) Favorite color? can't choose!!!
5) Top 3 movies?
I do not have a top three of all time, but at the minute, X-Men: First Class, X-Men: Days of Future Past aaaaaaaand.....Brokeback Mountain.
6) Top 5 musical artists/bands?
My Chemical Romance, Muse, Fall Out Boy, 30 Seconds to Mars and Panic! at the Disco.
7) Favorite piece of clothing that you own and why?
Real leather jacket because I got it a few days ago at a charity shop for £7, and it makes me look like a Badass!!!
9) Season/time of year you like the best?
10) Do you need or have


Has anyone else seen the new X-Men movie????? I am severly lacking anyone to talk to about it, or just X-Men in general, gah!! I love it so much!! So yeah, any X-Men fans??? (Taking my queue from StraightJacket :))


To everyone who told me their favourite names...

THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! I'm so pleased with all of the responses and support, thank you all so much! :)

Hey everyone, can I ask?

I'm trying to write a book over the summer holidays, but I'm having trouble with naming characters so would you all be able to tell me, in the comments, what your top 3 favourite names are for guys and girls? Any input would be appreciated! Internet cookies for everyone who helps :D



Please, Erik, calm your mind.

Hey guys!! Are there any X-Men fans here??? I really want to go to the cinema to see days of future past but I don't think I'll be able to afford to. I have watched first class 2 and a half times since Saturday, which means 3 and a half times ever. I forgot how awesome it is!!!!!!!! If anyone else loves it, please comment! None of my friends are obsessed like me :)



Happy Birthday Gee!!

Hope you're having a great birthday!!! I can't wait for the new album! Really guys, what gene does Gerard have, he looks SOOOO young!?!

I hope all of you are great! How are you?

I'm really obsessed with Supernatural and I'm gutted because I don't get t on TV, I have to wait for the DVDs. Season 9: October. Why!?

Cyanide Scorpion


I got a trash bin on Animal Crossing New Leaf after 8 months!!!! For anyone who doesn't have this game, this means NOTHING to you! :) So I hope at least one person on here understands what I'm on about :D
On another note, there are SOOOO many new people on here which is great to see, but means that a lot of the original members are dropping off the radar. Come on killjoys, old and new, we have to keep the website, and MCR, alive!

May death never stop you