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god damn it

the fuckin moment you realize you didn't grab lunch and you forgot your snack at home too and all you have are juice boxes for lunch................ have a great day everyone


well i thought testing was gonna suck but i actually did really fuckin well and i'm super proud. But now i have stupid forensic science then biology then study hall and is all with one teacher. Bes super loud and i love this dude but hes really loud and it makes my head hurt but hes funny. XD thanks for the headaches Doc!

fuck this shit man!

i have fuckin state wide testing today and i was up till 3 this morning. FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK well i hope you guys ahve a good day at least

i love you guys.

thank you for giving me some love on my last post. things have been real shitty but hey at least i have some people to talk to on here. i hope you all have a good day and thank you for being here for me. seriously thank you. i dont know what id do without people like you guys. we should start up that mcr group chat again on kik. XOXO ~Lily


so for everyone who wondered why i am upset, my best friend started going out with my EX. she said multiple times that she hated him alot but then they tried to keep it form me. my fucking only friend that actually hung out with me at school betrayed me. then they act like they were "trying to spare my feelings" and saying "we are sorry we care about you lily" and bullshit like that. its absolutely ridiculous. so yea. im in a really fucking salty mood right now. people like those people are the reason why i have few friends and i don't trust most people.


could this day get anymore fun like holy fuckin nipple balls (sense the sarcasm) what i mean is could this day get any worse???!


so i only had 1.25 for one twix bar so when i go down to the vending machine there was a twix hanging off the hook, so i bought one and both fell and now im eating twix which makes my english period so much more enjoyable then just reading

wooo ^_^

I hope you have a great Tuesday! ill post again later if I have time! Thank you to the people who comment all the time!

Monday.. ugh!

hey I hope everyone finds their own Monday modivation today. I hope I will, my Monday started with an annoying start. have a good day and ill post a little later. bye now!


here I come lonely weekend! lets do this I guess