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so im getting just a bit irritated that new people are joining just to say that they may come back but you read a post Gerard made somewhere about mcr not coming back but a new project may arise. the tour page is like that because of coding. they cant just delete a page because doing so will give the website more problems and possibly crash it. please stop saying they will get back together because honestly i don't think it will happen again. they all have families and lives to live and work on their own projects. lets just appreciate what they've done for us.

((((good vibes))))

good morning everyone. i hope everyone has a good day today. i might post a youtube video about the website but i don't know. so if i do ill post a link here. bye now

good morning

hey everyone i hope you have a good day. first hour is a nightmare. anyway i get coffee so im happy about that at least. anywho bye ^-^

religous grandma

(click to read the whole story) i don't have anything against religion or my grandma but this is fucking stupid. my grandmother send me something on Facebook about not buying a pepsi or some shit that didn't say "Under God" in the pledge of allegiance on the can or what ever and i sent this because she always sends me religious shit that i don't want to hear so i sent her a fact and why i didn't want that stuff sent to me anymore:

me: The "under God" part wasn't added until 1954. The link: tells you why and what the original pledge was.

late nights..

its been a really long weekend so far. i got a new kitten named lincoln. hes hella cute. we rescued him from the cold michigan weather and hes doing better. but my dad is being verbally abusive to my mother and i. next time he tries anything towards my mom again such as locking her out of the house i will not hesitate to punch him in the face. hope you have a good sunday. its about two am now.

hi everyone!

hi guys i hope you all had an amazing day! if you didn't i hope its better tomorrow ^-^

(ง ͡°╭͜ʖ╮ ͡°)ง

sorry not sorry for the lenny face headers. anyway yea today has been okay so far. listening to the misfits and stuffs like that. im literally wearing all black today. including a back parade shirt, and an mcr cardigan. bye

ᕙ( ͡°╭͜ʖ╮ ͡°)ᕗ

im eating cookies. *throws cookies at everyone* have a good day. byee

oh boy

so i had to present a stupid poster in a room full of people who hate me. wow this day has started off great.. hope you all have a great day. hopefully i will too.

XBOX live????

if anyone wants to play games or talk i have an xbox 360 with xbox live. just if anyone wants to play gta or black ops or something like that message me on xbox! my gamer tag is xXLily slaysXx