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hey everyone i hope you all have a good day! im in music history right now. I'm so glad tomorrow is friday.

Hey every one!

hi every one! i hope you have a great day and stuff. instead of coffee this morning i'm having some vanilla chai tea. so next Wednesday i will be leaving for Florida. so if i have time i will post on Instagram and on here before my brother and i's plane takes off. if you wanna see pictures my Instagram is and i'm sure there will be some plane videos going up on the youtubes. i will post a tour of my grandpas house if you wanna see it because its super cool and hes right on the shore so that might be interesting.

Happy monday

hey every one. hope you had a good day. i had an okay one. im in chior right now blaring P!ATD because i cant stand the shit they are playing right now (Justin Beber) *Throws up* anyway i cant wait to go home and eat and finish writing a chapter for my book. have a good rest of the day and ill see you all tomorrow X3

Happy friday, motherfuckers!

I don't know why but i cant wait to go home and watch the entire 5th season of Ru-Paul's Drag race on hulu, I'M SO HAPPY SHARON NEEDLES WON THE 4TH SEASON *SCREAMS* CHAD MICHAELS WOULD HAVE BEEN GOOD BUT BOTH OF THEM ARE QUEEN AF. Sorry if you have no idea what the shit im talking about. i posted my youtube video, its called "Thank you mcr ~Kawaii.killjoy~" on the youtubes. anywayy, have a good mo fuckin day

video is posted!

the video is called "Thank you mcr ~Kawaii.killjoy~"
id love it if you left some comments and stuff. if you wanna see me try out a free game or something or a reaction of some sort please let me know because if you are interested in me making videos then ill do em. okay, good night killjoys!

video for mcr

hey everyone, tonight i am going To post a thank you video for mcr. ill let you know when i post it.

Just a reminder..

today we should be respectful and just morn and remember MCR. Don't do anything stupid or say something rude to any of the guys. Let's just celebrate the life of MCR.

Emo Judgement Day

hey everyone. Happy MCR Doomsday. i'm just sitting in class just listenng to every mcr album including bullets. thank you mcr for everything. so long and goodnight, MCR.

Please Read. Do's and Dont's of March 22nd, 2016

hey everyone, im back again. all i want to do is remind all of you what we should and should not do on March 22nd, 2016.
should not's:
1.) do not spam the guys about mcr or tag them in posts about begging them to get back together. lets be respectful and just reflect on what the band has done for us over those 12 years.
2.) don't make up reasons why mcr is "Coming back" yadda yadda. bro this is 3 years they have been broken up, and yet every year people say that the break up post was taken down and they went to each others concerts and the website still has the tour page and all that shit.

Tomorrow's Events

hey everyone, for this week i decided that every day i will dress for each era that mcr has has. so today i wore a shirt that didn't come from a specific era (my Ouija board one) tomorrow i'm going to wear my revenge shirt and red pants and my leather jacket, (I wont wear mcr gear Wednesday because i have a chior festival to preform at) Thursday will be black parade shirt and black jeans, and finally on Friday i will wear my danger days gear which is my party poison jacket, some light jeans like the ones Gerard wore in na na na or sing and my combat boots.