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they suck
but they give you freedom.


hey everyone.. i know i talk about being happy all the time and trying to be positive but at the moment i've lost motive for everything. i dont even think i love my boyfriend anymore.. and i feel really awful about it.
i want to get help but i don't know whats going on. i feel like i'm in a dream constantly. it sucks. i think i've finally lost it. i'm unhappy and i hate it.
i feel trapped in my own relationship because of my boyfriends past. it sucks.

The Calendar

hey everyone. hard to believe that is almost the end of may. i am getting outta school on July 28th! everyone has like weeks left and im just over here like i go mostly year round. Well i hope everyone is having a good day. so also my boyfriend will be together for two months on the 30th.. its crazy. so yea. im so happy gerard way got a snapchat! welp i hope you all are having a fantastic day. cya! -Lily

happy friday! <3

hey everyone, happy Friday! I hope you all have a good day, if not, its only one day. it'll get better.
anyway I'm babysitting this weekend and I'm kind of excited about it. the only unfortunate part is I still haven;t gotten my CPR certification. Every time my school offers a class, it always gets canceled. Which sucks but what ever. I'll get it soon I hope. I ordered my new glasses yesterday. They are a whole new style from my previous ones. All I'm saying is I hope I don't look that insane with them. Knowing me I'll still look just as crazy as I do now!

am i the only one?

am i the only one who gets irritated when people nit pick the website and think they've found evidence that mcr is coming back? like bro its been 3 years they are happy doing what they want. lets all just calm ourselves and just enjoy what they are making now.


Hey everyone,i know i've been pretty un active on everything but i assure you i am still alive. i am currently in my second hour of English today because my teacher is awesome. so ye. i just watched the new "Don't Threat Me With A Good Time" music video from P!ATD. i highly recommend you watch it. anyway tell me how you're doing in the comments if you'd like. i havent herd from anyone here in a while. ive been trying to read messages people send me but for some reason it refuses to load them for me. im sorry!. have a good day and ill see you all in the next post. byee! -Lily


hola everyone. so im wearing my party poision jacket today because why not? also im super bored so ya.

hey everyone

hay everyone. i know its been a while. i haven't been on because i've been catching up in my classes and just all around being busy. but i assure you that I'm alive!




hey everyone. so today i flew from Detroit Michigan to fort lauderdale in Florida :3 ill be here until the 13th so ill post again when its gees bday :3