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I'm shocked at myself

I have to share this and I can't on my FB cause of all of my devout religious friends...sooo it's here. You guys will either cuss me out cause you think it's awful or laugh? or maybe even congratulate me? HAHA NO idea!!!

I am 39 and I am just recently single. I have been married to the same guy who treated me like a piece of shit for 16 years... So I am now trying to get my life back on track, get a job, find a place for me and so on and whatever... A friend has taken me in and I have it pretty good now, but what did I do that is so bad? Well there is this boy. He's insanely hot.

shit I still think about sometimes...

When I was 14, I was “In love” or as in love as a 14 year old can be with this boy who’s grandma lived next door to me..

He would talk to me sometimes, but he didn’t like me really, it was just when he was bored. I had a cat who had kittens, she had like 5 of them but the only one I remember was a solid black tiny baby who was all fur. I loved that kitten. I told the boy, that that kitten was the one I was keeping cause my parents were making me give them all away except one.

The next day I was outside playing with the kittens and he has this smirk on his face. He said.

Maybe I'm just crazy

But I don’t get it.

Everyone is depressed. Everyone!(Mostly)

I get the occasional bouts of- “uhhh, just hide under the covers.” But most of the time, I am pretty content. And then there are even times i am happy! Usually when I am reading a really awesome book or listening to a really awesome song that I love, or watching an amazing video.Simple things make me happy.

But then if I tell my “Story” (Everyone has a story) people say things like:

“OMG! I’m so sorry!!!” “Are you okay?” “If that happened to me, I would have already killed myself!” (that last one made me laugh haha)



I know its corny.. but I have found it isn't just me!
Lots of fans get like this.. I thought it, so I made it xD

It is also posted on my tumblr if you have one...

I just love them... C:

Oh ps:
My Chem is nominated for two 2011 MTV EMAs in the categories for "Best Alternative" and "Best World Stage". VOTE for MCR on the EMA website below!
dont forget to vote like a mad person!!! XD

Run. Run. Bunny, RUN! MCR HCT Review. Charlotte, NC 9-20-11

I didn't have a camera with me, So I didn't get any pics. But here is my recount of one of the most amazing nights of my life!!!!

I tried to sleep the night before but my husband was being insane. ha! I had this idea that I needed to be there early to be up front cause from past concert experiences, if you waited you were behind a zillion people! So I wanted to be there between 4 am and 8 am.. So he was a bit mad at me, cause we had not bought him a ticket.


12 (twelve) omfg t.w.e.l.v.e DAYS UNTIL MCR O_O :O


ghhhaaa hell yea!!!

sep 20th.. hell fuck yea!

"I'm a ..lil.. e.s. ITED"

*slides down the wall*

what cha reading?

well Im gonna be seeing mcr in concert is TWO WEEKS.. omg.. but i am planning on being in line a LONG time, if things work out my way.. anyways.. I thought a good way to pass the time would be to read?

So.. I need good book suggestions from anyone, books that can be found at libraries ..
cause im broke LOL

So, um, I like weird shit, like a cross between horror and sci fy type things. Read most of stephen kings stuff, most of John Saul. and ann rice (when she was doing the vamps)
Found I like Niel Gaiman too (Thanks to Mr G haha)
but things like that, I really need you guys to help me out?!

Live and Die Alone-A fan Fiction

This is the first fan fic I have ever written. I am a lil paranoid to post this here, cause I would hate it if one of the guys stumbled onto my fan fics. that would be very bad. But seeing as that is highly unlikely. I figured what the hell. i may delete this blog later tho, if I get to weird about it being here xD

*Teaser below

It's posted on my LJ, where i posted all of the fics I have written, this is the only one that isn't locked. (It can be viewed by anyone) The rest are posted as "Friends only"
This is not for young kids, if you are under 17, please disregard this blog.

Title: Live &

MCR ALL the time, my spotify playlist My Chem All The Time

this is my spotify playlist. It's ALL MCR all the time... If you cant get enough, then you should so subscribe to this playlist.
I have it open all the time, unless I'm playing sims 2 cause my computer wont do both :( Tis very sad about that..

Goodnight Dr. Death. is only 51 sec. long, It has what he says, and the last FEW sec. of the anthem, the the sound blast.
Blood: I cut Blood, The song starts at the beginning, with no silence in it.

Playlist includes:
(this is not the order it's in.. I

Gerard Way Could be a model!!

Andrej Pejic is 19 and looks allot like Gerard, and is a model. No, they are not identical. But they are so damn close that its wild. They do have the EXACT same nose LOL
Plus, how does Gerard look so much like someone who is 19? O_O
I knew it, I knew Gerard doesn't age!!!

I kindof hope Gerard doesn't see this, cause he may take it the wrong way.. I mean no disrespect at all.
Andrej is beautiful and so is Gerard, and Andrej seems to be a very sweet guy. SO in no way in this comparison am I saying that its a bad thing.