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The World Is Waiting While I Am Wasting

As I lay in bed reflecting on my emotions I realize something: life is nothing, it is worthless unless we do something. Yes, I now that is a very generic statement, and I have thought about it quite often, but tonight it is overpowering. I feel so incredibly small. I want to do something great, something better but the voice in my head whispers "You never Will." My mind wonders how MCR creating magic, true magic. They always were able to make me feel something when the rest of the world could never. They never failed to make me feel, truly feel. They made me feel the emotion without a name.

Missing Them

So I finally made an account on here after a while.
I think it was because of how much I really am missing MCR. They were the band that showed me what music truly is: It's that feeling that you get and you know that you are not alone, that shows you that you are alive and its okay to be fucked up and not have a place where you belong. That is what they did for me. I can't remember a time without them in my life, I now will have to learn. It has been almost a month since they shared the news of the end of the band, and I'm not sure if I'm getting better or worse. I'm pretty sure it changes.