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Hey gay lovers

I sang infront of (less than) 100 people last night. I didn't choke! :)) Can anyone be happy for me that I didn't puke after 3 shots before (or after or during) performance? X))

I sang "C'mon" by Panic @ the Disco feat. Fun. My dad was so proud of me. Told me afterwards that I was just like him. He used to be in a band, but had to gove ot up when he fell in love with my mom. You guys know how it goes. He had to get a "real job". I'm proud to be his daughter too.

I used to hate the fact that I looked like him, and that I might grow up to be like him.

I hate this

With the Ciber Crime Law being passed here in the Philippines, I guess it's the end of my blogging days...

Kidding. The government will never silence my people. Not now that we've tasted cyber freedom. It's like fucking Martial Law again! Only... Cyber. Fuck this.

You hear me Philippine government?! Fuck you and your laws! Fuck being jailed for 12 years for posting negative words when RAPE is only equivalent to 3 years in jail!

Rant ends here.

I am going to pee on everything you love

I had my first oil painting in a long time. My art teacher offered to give me lessons since I'll be applying for Fine Arts in college, he wants me to know this stuff.

You guys like? It's not done yet.

Things will fall into place. But for now...

People think I'm a horny slut because I paint bald naked people. So that's my life for now :))

I understand why they'd think so. I'm 16, my hormones seem to be on crack most of the time, I masturbate, I read fanfics, and I believe that aliens once went down to earth and had sex with humans and we called their babies "demigods".

But I, first and foremost, am an artist. I don't paint naked girls to turn me on (it wouldn't work if I tried cos I'm straight), but because it's beautiful. I NEED to make art just as much as I need to masturbate once in a while.

Allow me to be a little girl for a few seconds

My crush is chatting with me on face book ^^ teeheehee ^^ :>I can't believe he actually WANTS to talk to me ^^ Ahihihi

You guys know what I think? :D

Thanks to MUSICGHOST for posting Frank's song "This Song is a Curse", cos now I know another reason to love Iero. The song (although just a preview) sounds SO RIGHTEOUS. It rips like crazy!

I think Gerard should do a song with Frankie singing! IMAGINE. Two vocals on a My Chem song. And for the other voice to come from mister FRANKIE IERO? Fricking wicked.

That's all.

I Wanna Weep: Watching the world is ugly

I wanna cry like I did for The Ghost of You. I wanna weep like I did for Cancer. But I don't wanna cry because they said this could be their "good bye song", but because this is so beautiful.

Some bands break up because of arguments between band members. I'm just glad that won't be their reason when the time comes. I'll understand if they have to give this up because they have families now. Just like how my father gave up his thunder to be with my mom. He was in a band and theater when he was , but because he fell in love with my mom, he had given up his dreams to be awake in the real world.

Har! Har! I'm horny!

I'm kidding. But not really :)) I'm extremely turned on by the fact that KISS THE RING will come out in CONVENTIONAL WEAPONS. I don't think I've ever been THIS excited for an album. I was stoked when we were all waiting for Danger Days, but now that they're giving us Weapons, CHEESE AND CRACKERS, CRACKER BITCH. I'm hot as hell waiting for this. It sounds new and fresh, yet touchy to their old, raw side (which I know we all loved).

And enough talks about MCR ending. Can't you feel a new era starting? This is a time of celebration and hard core fan-girling!

Do you love meee? D:

Cos I love all of yous!

I love you!

I love you!