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We are friends, you and me ^^

Sometimes I hide under my blanket and pretend I'm a potato.

I love the MCRmy cos we're all friends ^^

Avatar High

Avatar High is a game where you get to make your own college, and the people in it. I made the school called "Desolation Row" and the team name is "Killjoys". And I designed a little Gerard who I made him have a crush on a Lyn-Z, and made Mikey fall in love with himself :)) This so fun.

I never knew

I always thought that those girls who don't get to go to a party and become sad were shallow shit faced bitches.

But seeing all the pictures and the comments..

I never knew it hurt so bad.

Here comes the bitter tears. Gonna pretend I had a fan-fucking-tastic time at my grandmothers house. It was nice and all but.. yeah, this still stings a little. Fucking annoying human feelings.

Now Playing: Gun by My Chemical Romance

God, it's like I wanna dress up in all my awesome clothes, ride a car with all my friends, stop over for some pizza (and pee break), grab some drinks, party, then sleep over in someone's house.

In other words, it's fucking awesome. You guys have to hear it.


You guys won't believe whatI'm doing right now

I'm listening to Ambulance by My Chemical Romance what the fuck, it's so beautiful, I'm CRYING.

I was just scrolling on tumblr and found it!!! Gosh. Thank you God.
Imma listen to Gun now.


I busted my lip tonight :(~

I tried to do the Lyn-Z move in my bedroom with my guitar, then something went wrong... It all happened too fast, and now my lips taste like raw flesh and blood -_-

It was so fucking fun :)) ^^ Like that time I had a bruise on my head for a whole day for dancing to Bulletproof Heart in the showers.

What happened today

Sr. Mike: Where's your ID?
Me: My dog ate it.
Sr. Mike: Your DOG?!
Me: Yah. But it's okay, he'll regurgitate it.
Sr. Mike: He'll regurgitate it?! (laughing a bit)
Me: Yah. I trained him.
Sr. Mike: (laughs for a minute) go to your classroom now, Jonina :)

Me: *and that's how you get off the hook* ^^


Just wanted to say

Goodnight everyone :D
Zombies rule ^^

Guys, I was just wondering...

Does any of you LOVE potatoes? Fried, baked, mashed, cheese drizzled, boiled, salad... Just potatoes in general.

Cos I love potatoes.
And I love you guys.


Can I share you guys something? Okay..

So there's this guy my classmates always tease me with, his name is Armand. I didn't have a thing for him and every time he or anyone brings the topic up, I either just shrug it off or I strongly disagreed.

But now, I kinda start to like him and I don't know what to do.