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And this is my belated Christmas gift to the MCRmy makes everything into ghetto language.

I punched in Frank's blog. My god, I'm laughing so hard, unicorns are pissed. Enjoy your asses:

And this is my gift to all of you looking for a good laugh.
You can go to and put in other websites to turn it ghetto :)) Enjoy!

I am a sad sad little alien

my crush (guy in a blue shirt) likes another girl. he doesn't admit it, but i can tell. he tells me everything. he notices everything about her, just how i notice everything about him. i pretend i don't know, but i do. i'm a girl. we're super close, me and him. i'm one of the guys. but it's different with him.

every time he talks about her, it kicks my heart in the ass. i wanna punch his sweet face cos he doesn't want me. for fucks sake... the girl he wants... she's gorgeous. and she's my friend. one of my best friends actually. every guy in the school wants her.

MCR song: Never heard this before... New?

Go to my tumblr, there's a SoundCloud audio there and it's Gerard singing something with lyrics "copy zero, zero, zero! You are zero, zero, zero!"

I checked the list of songs to be released and, I didn't see any title that had "zero" on it. And it sounded like a demo. Kinda unfurnished. I don't know what it is so... Check it out for me, will you MCRmy? :D

I'm here again

In that part of life when everything I do is wrong. I know things will be better. I know I have to keep holding on. Things will get better. And I will hold on. But right now, at this moment, nothing can change the fact that I just wanna die.

No, I will not kill myself, no I'm not gonna cut myself. I'm over that. But I AM sad. I AM doing several mistakes. I AM guilty. And I want to disappear.

I don't even know love

Teenage problems. Stupid human emotions.

I'll make this short:
I have a friend, he's a guy. I secretly like him. We flirt. We deny every accusation (and there are a LOT of accusations) that we have feelings for each other. People also say that he likes my best friend. He tells me he doesn't. But we, the three of us are all friends.

So I don't know why I feel like I'm lost every time I see him with her.

My best friend, she's a "crush-worthy" girl and has won the hearts of many.
I look like a chair.
He's not even "hot", but I love everything about him.

Being a woman is hard

my uterus is sad. it's so sad, it's crying blood.

now playing

Naive Orleans- Anberlin

Anyone else know Anberlin? Me likey ^^

Next up: The Two Armed Man- Eatmewhileimhot!

I've been noticing I have a wide rage of likes in music. I'm into rock: screamo and pop rock, pop, k-pop, OPM (Original Philippine Music... Heh, Philippine pride ^^), musicals, rnb, ballads/ pop ballads...

But rock n' roll has a special spot in my heart. Especially MCR. The first people who taught me how to live against the grain.

I love you My Chemical Romance <3
I love you MCRmy <3

I'm in deep shit

So our class was tasked to make elegies for English class. Two of my classmates, Alexia and Karey, were having a hard time writing, and still had nothing on the due date. They knew I could make one in 20 minutes tops, so I took pity, took a pen and wrote for them.

Well today, Ms.Reg (eng. teacher) gives back our elegies and says that some elegies stood out the most and teachers loved them...

Kareys' and Alexias'.
Alexia got perfect. So here comes my big fat ego, and I scream out "I MADE THOSE!!!" Everyone was dead silent. Ms.Reg goes "is that true?" and I say yeah.

That's enough crazy for one day

Too much talks about the end of the world, I swear I need to absent myself from school just for a day to detoxify myself of delusional statements.


I'm scared

My friends joined a fraternity. I don't know if frats are a good thing in other countries, but here in the Philippines, some of them aren't safe. Frats kill people! Hurt people!

My friends (a girl and a guy) they think it's all cool and fun now, but when we go to college next year, bringing the name of their fraternity.. I don't know if they'll be safe.

I waited in the living room of someone's house. They were upstairs getting initiated. I wasn't allowed to talk about it. I thought frats were childish and immature but for some reason...

I didn't talk.