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The Only Hope for Me is You!!! XD <3

I've gotto admit, I was awfully worried about their come back. Lots of people missed their somewhat "dark", "super-emotional songs" and "get-up" that they automatically rejected MCR's new sound.

But me, a loyal fan would NEVER have that mentality. Still, those people got me worried that they might be right.


I just listened to The Only Hope for Me is You, and OH MY WORD... I have fallen in love with them all over again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so catching my breath right now.

Summertime Lyrics?!?! :O

I've been patient for far too long!!! Can anyone please tell me what this is?!?! I hear the words "suicide summer chill", so is it summertime?!?!?!? I've just gotto know.

Killjoy Name...? Hmmm.

Ah, well since everyone in here has one, I've decided to participate! We are, after all, one big happy family.

Okay, let's see. I want something that reflects my love for MCR, but not too flashy. Something original, but relevant. Ahh, now I've got it.

Sparky Hell<--- My Killjoy Name. What do you think guys? :D

Happy Days to come

Now that My Chem's new album is out, I bet EVERYONE'S pretty pumped about this as much as I am.

Am I right or am I right?

I thought so.

Although they've satisfied us all with their totally epic new song NaNaNa, It's got me wanting so much more! And when I've seen their new list of songs, I FLIPPED. I flipped for a second time when I saw the lyrics to a new song Bullet Proof Heart. It got me upset tho that they've just released ONE song. I've been stalking MTV forever now, and still no sign of Dr.Death Defy.

Ah... patience is hard for a fan in waiting. But their here now!

Friggin excited for MCR's next album! XD