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Killjoys on omegle!

After an hour of searching... A genuine killjoy! Spotted! Amongst the clueless people, the horny people, the rude people, A KILLJOY EMERGES! Aaah... Feels good.

And I've got EVIDENCE!

Read it and rejoyce, Killjoys! (Oh the irony).

Enjoy :)

~Killjoy Sparky Hell:
On her mission of finding killjoys outside the known zones

MCRmy Philippines!!!!!

Dang, I've converted the time in many useless sites, and I think Dr. Death Defying's video transmission will come out in our place tomorrow at dawn.



*sigh. It's okay though. My mom's gonna wake me up early so we can have a movie marathon. I'll check it out when I'm done hangin' out with her.

But just in case I'm late...

Please. PLEASE! PLEEEAAAASSEEE!!! Someone record the transmission and post it in YouTube.

Some My Chem Blog thinggy :P

Whats your favorite season? The Cold.
How do you want to be remembered after you die? As someone who made a GIANT impact on their lives. Good hopefully :))
What's the main thing you want right now? My Chemical Romance's new album.
What three things couldn't you live without if you were stranded on a desert island?
~Food and Water
What's your favorite type of weather? A storm.
Has anyone hurt you recently? If so who? Some ass hole from You Tube who insulted me for loving My Chem. ..I..-_-..I..
Do you like to read? Depends on the book
What kind of books do you like to read?

Just for the hell of it: Killjoy Sparky Hell

Just some photos of me being a killjoy XD

I've always wanted to to this, but I never had the time. And now I do! I used the program Paint and :P

No... I can't believe it. T_T

My Chemical romance has officially lost in the third round of the top 40 of 2010 in

.... (insert tears here)....

I can't believe this. I don't blame ANY of you, my beloved Killjoys. I know you've all done your part in voting for My Chem. But I guess there are just some forces in this world we can't change.

Like the inevitable force of Rihanna (who is still the most voted in Dang.

But win or lose, we all love em', right? And we've made it THAT FAR, right?! And we did beat 3OH!3 before, right?!?!?

Am I right or am I right? Yeah. I thought so.

So we carry on, Killjoys.

Killjoys Spotted!!! :o

This was damn weird. I love it though. XD

I was in the mall with my family, then I passed by Bo's Coffee shop and there were these teenager (a bit older than me, probly like 17-18) who were talkin' about stuff like:

"OMG, his hair is RED now!"
"Yeah I know, I've heared SING an (bla,bla,bla..)

Then I yell from afar "Hey, KILLJOYS!" Then they stopped and looked at me. I smiled and they giggled and laughed. And as I walked away I was thinkin' "Well, wasn't that lovely. I'm not alone"

Cos' my family HATES My Chemical Romance. So far I've only got 1 CD of them and that's The Black Parade.


MCR blog thinggo XD

When Did You First Discover MCR?
Uh, when I saw I'm Not Okay in MTV. Don't remember the year tho.

When Did You Start to Like MCR?
Helena <3

Which Was Your First Song?

Which Was Your First Album?
The Black Parade

What Was Your First Music Video?
Im Not Okay (I Promise)

Which Band Member’s Name Did You Learn First?
Gerard <3 <3 <3


Favorite Song
The Sharpest Lives (that was hard to choose from a hundred beautiful songs)

Favorite Album
Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge (so far :>)

Favorite Music Video
Helena \m/ (wooot!)

Favorite Band Member
Gerard Waaaay <3 (I still love you,


I went to school today going NaNA..NA, na, na, na, Na, na, Naaaa....

Then when I passed by some older guys one went, "yuck, emo.."


Just cos' it doesn't fit your musical preference don't mean it's eeemo. Dah. I got sooo pissed I buried my head in my locker and SCREAMED!!! When my best friend asked what was wrong, she couldn't sympathize cos' she doesn't really care about My Chem.

Ugh... why? WHY? Are people so damn judgmental these Danger Days. When you say something nowadays, MAKE DAMN SURE that you don't piss anyone off.

OH NOOOO!!!! :(((((

In my previous blog I said that there's no WAY in hell that MCR would lose to Neon Trees cos they had 30 something % votes and My Chemical Romance had 60 something % votes, BUT NOW....!!

My Chemical Romance has 55.59% while Neon Trees has 44.41%!!!!! Baaaaaahhhhh!!!!!!!

WE CAN'T LET EM' WIN!!! MCRmy! Killjoys! Hear me OUT! To those who've heard NaNaNa, S.I.N.G., The Only Hope for Me is You, Zero Percent, and others who care for My Chem!

We've waited LONG and hard for them to just lose like this. WE'VE gotto vote! Here's the site:

Woah. Just discovered a (not so) secret thingy in the site:))

Go to the transmissions. There's a clickable on the left side. Click it killjoys.