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DESTROYA: too darn hot.

There. I said it. Nothing more. There's the video. Prepare to die.

MCrmy Family

What's so wrong about My Chem having a change in music? A good band would stick to what they have for all their boring lives. A GREAT band, bands like M.C.R., would risk a few moves to gain something bigger. Something BETTER. A bigger and better family. They didn't look at their past (cos' after all, the Black Parade is Dead) but they looked waaaaay into the future and saw that things could be awesome. This (as I've seen it) was actually a test to the fans, to see how musically open they were.

MTV's Push Artist of the Week was HOT!!! (with a capitol HOT)

Oh yes, better believe what I just said up there. I've watched a BILLION and ONE performances of Helena, and I thought things couldn't get any damn better.

Once again, My Chem just LOVES to prove me wrong. Watch it for yourselves, tumble weeds:

I'm still suffering from a terrible aftershock.

SING was amazing too.

My Very First Killjoy Comic Strip! :D

After weeks of intense editing and MCR listening, it's finally here! My 1st killjoy comic strip :P :D XD

And the link, motor babies...

Enjoy! :D

~Sparky Hell

I love Dr.Death Defy so friggin baaad!!!!!!!! XD

I thought the Bonnie and Clydesque characters were my fave, turns out it was the cancer patient. Oh wait! Nope, it's Mother War. No!! Hold on... This time I'm sure...

It's Dr. Death Defy.

My Chem, you just keep making the worlds best characters, don't you?

This is the thing I love about their albums so much: They always tell stories. Fictitious or not (Bonnie and Clyde), they're always gonna have one thing that's hard to find these days in your usual radio stations or annoying pop teen singers: HEART.

Sigh... Is it just me, or does anyone else want WKIL with Dr.

I so wanna download S/C/A/R/E/C/R/O/W!!!

But I can't. I've been searching high and low, and have seen NOTHING. No one... no SITE would let me download that damn beautiful song. If anyone knows a site where I can get that, you'd be a big help for me.

So far I've tried 4shared (and other sites I've never even heard of).

Sigh. Ain't it just peachy?

Dr. Death Defying's Transmission!!!

Just watched it, and it's AWESOME! Aw, it was great! Jimmy Urine on the Phone (BTW, he was the guy who's mask was pulled off in S.I.N.G.), Steve Righ (Dr. D) hosting for 38 minutes and 2 seconds! Agh! It's a bite of heaven.

*Sigh... Is it just me, or does life seem like it's actually gonna get better?

Sparky Hell... Out.

How to Find a Killjoy (Public style)

So I've showed you all how to find a Killjoy through the internet, right?

Well here's a way to find one in your own zone:

But it he or she isn't a Killjoy, be careful. It might be someone from BL/ind! :o
Have a ray gun just in case. If you're unarmed, then RUN.

~Sparky Hell

Sparky Hell's Mission

I've been loving the whole idea that this site has brought together all sorts of people from across the globe with only one thing on their minds: TO MAKE SOME NOISE.

But I wondered: Could there be another place where a killjoy is waiting to be found? So I got into my "brave mode" and went to to find atleast 1 killjoy.

And I found 2 in 2 hours.

2 hours of people askin' me what the hell is an "mcr killjoy", two hours of people going "What you say, bitch? Suck my tits", and two hours of people ignoring what I just said and went "Hi! ASL?"

But I found TWO. Thank the Lord.


I've already spotted one, but now I've found another genuine killjoy! I like this one.

If you're here in this site, I was the one who found ya! :)) It took an hour to find a decent killjoy though, but it was worth it.

It was a real pleasure to meet you, Killjoy

~Sparky Hell