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You kids have GOT to watch this:

That extreme obsession with My Chemical Romance is back! That feeling of waiting for something awesome and not knowing it? I'm so happy I feel this way again. When they left, I thought I'd NEVER feel the same way I did in the Parade or Bullets or Revenge. But I do.

By the way, I had a funny but FAIL My Chem dream. They came to my school, and I was screaming my lungs out. I ran to Gerard and I hugged him REAL tight, and he was like "WOOAH!" And tried to pull himself away from me.

You kids have gotto vote NOW! (Yes, another battle)

Well we made it to round 4 in fuse, but our chances in MTV's Buzzworthy Blog's Music Fan Favorites of 2010 is MUCH higher this time!

My Chemical Romance in the second place!

But common! My Chem doesn't deserve that! We've waited too long for them just to land there! So common! Let's start voting! Head down to:

and click My Chem away to GLORY!

~Sparky Hell

Destroya music video (processing...)

I'm working on a DESTROYA video which is like a combination of My drawings and Photobucket gif's.

I'm using WIndows Movie Maker by the way.

I'm trying to make it as hard core as possible so I could pay respect to the awesomeness of the song itself. I've tried a whole lot of new things compared to my first try in making a video (Which is the thing posted up there). Trust me. I won't make it as wimpy as that one. BTW, comment on the video in YouTube if you guys have an account :D

Wish me luck killjoys!
~Sparky Hell

Just a little sad

Yea. I know you're all probably sick of hearing this in the site. I'm not usually into blogging about this stuff (cos' I'd usually do the blogs that'd make you proud to be a member of the MCRmy), but this time, I kinda wanna do this cos' I know this is the only place in the net you can.

I'm pretty much disappointed with everything right now. My life, my school, my body, my face... EVERYTHING. I know my friends would tell me I'm crazy to think that, but... Their my friends. Their SUPPOSED to be nice to me. Even when it's not real.

*Sigh... I know that I should love everything about me, but

I Look at All the Lonely People...

So ya'll know the site

To the ignorant ones... It's basically a site where you get to chat with strangers. It's kinda fun there for me cos' it helps me think of "pretend characters"I could be.

Like sometimes, I'm a Mother from New Jersey...
Then I'm Shikad from India...
Or sometimes I'm an ex-convict living with my boyfriend.

But that's not the point.

Since I've been spending a lot of precious time on that damn site, I've realized...
~50% of the people there are bored. (I'm part of that).
~40% of the people are horny.
~10% of the people are sad.

That 10% might be just a

When My Friends Ask Me...

"What's a Killjoy?"

I go, "What do you think it is?" Then their like, "Someone... who stops the fun?" Then I just smile and go "That's exactly what it means." Then they walk away confused. +)

Care to comment?

What is a Killjoy? The way a member of the MCRmy would see it.


But he's such a nice guy! Those are JUST words to a song. It's not like he's actually gonna go and kill some kids in a school. Geeze...

People in the net REALLY need to loosen up a bit. I mean, you write a song to say how you feel! Not tell the world your evil plans. Sometimes you write songs cos' you have a story in your head that you want to tell the world but you're not very good at journalism, so you put it in lyrics!

Sigh... Is it just me, or is this world becoming too damn worked up about the tiny things? When something's different from society, it's bad.

A Very Chemical Christmas ;D

Yes, the most WONDERFUL time of the year is so close, it's as if it was staring right at you in your pretty little faces.

But this is not an event for all religions, races and creeds, but for a very special group of assholes, scumbags, and hero wanna-be's...

Killjoys, the Chemical holidays are approaching! I'm starting to wonder what everyone's doing in preparation for this wonderful event. It's Danger Day's FIRST Christmas! We can't just sit around like a donkey with a wooden leg!

I won't.

People hold your horses, and horses hold your breaths. Cos' Sparky Hell's gonna be making...


Just Gleeking around XD

Yay for Kurt and Blaine! XD

For all the Killjoy Gleeks out there X))

You guys remember the big gay kiss in Glee? Well watch these bunch of people's reactions to the episode :)))

Dang, it's so damn funny!!! X))