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Leathermouth: 5th Period Massacre

Is a kick ass screamo song.

But it reminds me very much of myself 4 years ago. Four years ago, was "The Dark Days of Morbid" as I would call it. I used to be so depressed. I was very mad at the world. I was very morbid. I used to be a cutter.

But now that I see everything for art, 5th Period Massacre has the same intentions as MCR does with their lyrics: To relate to people. I don't wanna kill no body, but I can understand the lyrics. Like, we talk in the same language (not talking about English, kids).

Just as how all of us in this site understand the language MCR says.

~Sparky Hell



WOULD YOU JUST LOOK AT THAT VIDEO?!?!? He's AMAAZING! I mean, if you could translate My Chemical Romance's music into a dancing man, YOU'D GET SHOW PONY!

And c'mon. He's so cool. How can you not love Show Pony? HOW?!??!? HOOOOW!?!???!?!!!!!!

Son of a gun, I'm flippin out here.

~Sparky Hell

Stole this from MariaLove (Someone from the MCRmy) Sorry

I'm just really into these things :D
Whats your favorite mcr song?
~Damn, there's a lot. But it'd have to be... The Ghost of You. (That damn song never gets old). ;)

Whats your favorite lyric(s) from the song?
~"On the top of my lungs in my arms, she dies."

When's the last time you listened to it?
~A few days ago(?)

When did you hear about it?
~When the video came out in Channel [V]

Why do you like it?
~The melody, the drums, the guitar, his voice... It's full of soul. Not much songs these days have that.

Do you know the song well?
~Hell yeah!


Yes this is a fanfic. But this has no sex, no Ferard, an no creepy incest stuff. This is purely Danger Days inspired. So gross, creepy fan girls, better look for some other weird fan fic.
Lyn-Z and Gerard just tucked Bandit in bed. "You better get some sleep, baby. You're gonna have lots of fun with your friends tomorrow" Gerard smiled. "Dad, can I wear my elephant costume to the park tomorrow?" Lyn-Z looked at Gerard "But sweety" Lyn-Z said, "didn't your friends make fun of you for wearing that elephant costume?" Bandit looked at her and smiled "Yes, mama.

The Helium Wars

I was wondering what the hell the helium wars was, but then I guess it's another thing MCR wants us to figure out on our own.

This is my guess...
Helium had something to do with the making of Ray guns.

Like, BL/ind wanted to take helium to make their own ray guns. With Ray guns, taking over America would be much easier. When the people found out they we're loading up on helium, everyone connected the dots and weren't too happy about BL/ind. So there was a war between the government and it's people.

The people lost.

Just a little curious... :-?

Why is it only 30 Seconds to Mars and My Chemical Romance fans are voting in MTV's site? :))

I mean, it's great that they have less competitors (yes, I'm talking to you Rihanna), but I'm just curious. Teehee.

Well, it's only HALF of the competition guys. Don't be all about going that My Chem's lost already. We've still got as much chance as 30 Seconds to Mars. We can do this!!! XD

Oh, and to lighten the mood a little bit in this pavement, I've sought out a video from Mindless Self Indulgence. Now, even if you don't like em', I'm sure this'll make ya'll even a BIT HAPPY (in all caps).


Danger Days Under the Tree :>

Yeap. The parentals finally agreed to buy me Danger Days! And I just finished listening to the whole album. $-D

I kinda got worried at first cos' when my dad was at the counter, he saw the EXPLICIT CONTENT, and he went on about "polluting my mind" and "making a bad influence on me".

I wanted to nag at that time about how they save lives through their lyrics and all that yada, but I decided to keep my mouth shut and my dad just payed for it. (Yay).

But I guess he had a right to be concerned. I am, after all, just fifteen. :P

It really is a very Chemical Christmas.

5 Minutes to Christmas (here in the Philippines)

I'm so damn excited.

Because of Christmas...


BECAUSE OF DANGER DAYS!!!!!!! :o XD <3 MY PARENTALS FINALLY SAID THEY'D BUY ME ONE (after a series of chores and other stuff I had to do for em').

Tis' the season of smiles, Killjoys. Hope yours is just as awesome as mine.

OH! And it's Danger Day's first Christmas!!! MAKE IT THE BEST DANGER DAY CHRISTMAS, KILLJOYS!!! 8-*

From the four eyed freak
down in the 23rd Zone, Philippines,
Sparky Hell.

P.S. Merry Christmas, FREAKS!

Lyn-Z and Gerard <3 <3 <3

Just watchin lots of videos about them on YouTube. Sigh... It's so sweet I think I might just get some Diabetes.

AAAAGHH!!!!! WE'RE MAKING IT!!!!! (yay.)

My Chemical Romance at 49.07% and 30 seconds to mars has got 48.81%!!!!!!!!!!


Aaaaah. This is nice. Very nice. But guys. It's only half of the poll. 30STM might still catch up with My Chem.


I won't. Not now. I've waited too damn long for My Chemical Romance's return to just have em' lose to other rock stars.

It's clickin' time, tumbleweeds.

~Sparky Hell