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Killjoys on Urban Dictionary :D

It's nothing. I was just glad to see the 2nd meaning to Killjoys when I was surfing urban dictionary. Yea. We're there. :D

OH////// MY///////GOSH///////

Oh. My. Hannibal. Lector. Eat your pants and crap it down to the flames. Watch this. It's The Ghost of You (live). Wait until the part when he's supposed to scream. BIG. SURPRISE.

With the tempo slowed down from the original mind blowing level of 5, they brought it down to 2 and the attack of the song was even more...

What's the word?

I mean it. I'm going to demand you (yes you. Kid sitting in front of the screen) to watch it. This is not a request. I won't say please.

Just hit the play button and sit back.

By the way, I happen to love 3:15 for some reason.

My Best Friend

LOVES Justin Bieber (did I spell that right? Don't really care). As in, she would defend for that shiny super star to the death. And I love her to the death too! And there isn't much I wouldn't do for her.

But... She wants me to watch Never Say Never with her on the last day of classes.

In 3D.

It's not that I LOATH Justin Boober. I'm just not interested in knowing how the hell he landed his ass in Hollywood. I hear that too much from his fans.

It's my last days here in my school. I'm leaving and she wants to give me the best things I probably won't do in another long while.


There's this guy whom I like very much but I don't know if he's just being nice to me or he likes me (as in LIKES me "likes me"). We're friends but I secretly like him more than that for probably a year now. We went to prom together, but I'm not sure if he just took me out as a friend or something else. I wanna know.

Please allow me to rant about these things to all of you because it's my first time to feel these things. And I'm very frightened.
And I'm fifteen.
And don't gimme any of your Taylor Swift bull.
~Sparky Hell

My Prom

Well this is actually a late post, but since I made a promise to some Killjoys (EE) to post this, then I will.

Yup, those pictures are from my prom :D The guy with me is Vito (and no, he's not my boyfriend :P). He's a real good friend. Dorky guy :P

At first, on our way to the prom, he played Danger Days in his car :D :D :D That was real sweet AND weird cos... He's my friend for cryin' out loud! And he was being sweet and everything... The whole idea was just new for me. But I seriously appreciated that part :>

Prom was real fun, but the whole night my feet HURT.

I don't know how the heck did I find this woman

But she needs to go back to hell. Or at least to the nearest mental asylum. I never knew people like this still EXIST these days! I'm not kidding, I mean, I know mean people, but not to the extent that they write stuff like this! The last time I've seen someone write this immaturely was in the 1st Grade when bad words and rudeness was cool. Or maybe cos' I'm such a hippie that I barely see these kinds of idiots nowadays.

Isn't it a little too much to get so worked up on a band you dislike? I mean, it isn't even the BAND you hate. It's the people who like it.

Anyway, online fights are for

Comments are Honored :D

It's a gift for a friend. I played it cos' I loved the acoustic cover My Chem did :D

This thing makes me annoyed

Just click it. Click it and see the horrors that this world has succumbed to.

No, I don't hate Justine Boober because he's the new cream of the crap in MTV land, or that a million (and 3) people have fallen in love with his swoopy emo hair cut. But because his voice is so unoriginal, it makes me wonder how the hell did he rise above artists better than him.

I have classmates who sing just like him. As in, EXACTLY like him. WHY in the world is he be in the lime light if 500 boys sound just like him?

I guess his face

I have to repost this! I just HAVE TO!!!

Oh, you people must watch this. Vampires Will Never Hurt You! Please don't think this is another ordinary performance. If you are thinking that way, watch it and wait for the chorus.

Bullets has returned. His scream is magnificent! It's so full and unstained! You must all watch it from the beginning to the last beat of the drums!!!!!!!!@!!!!!!!!

Now. I mean it.
~Sparky Hell

LeATHERMOUTH: I Am Going to Kill the President of the United States

Nah, I don't hate Obama. I actually think he's the coolest presidents in the world :D Without the cheesy lines.

But this song, isn't for him. I think it's for Korse. If in 2019, Korse is the president of USA, I'd fly off to Battery City myself and let him hear this outside BL/ind every waking moment of his life.
~Sparky Hell