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I wonder how life can get any harder

- No one asked me to prom, which is 2 weeks from now.
- I think I'm bi.
- I don't really care about the first, I just want ONE guy to ask me out. Him..
- Today was just.. I couldn't take it. Guys asking my friends out. Me feeling left out. Like a sad frog.
- I am a sad frog.

What happened today was..

I was eating with my group of friends, having a good recess as usual. I was next to my friend, Abby. She's my soulmate, and we fan-girl over fan fics (Although she belongs to an entirely different fandom, J-Pop).

In the middle of the noise, I whisper to her "Abs, can I tell you a secret?"
"yeah?" Abby said.
"I think.. I'm bi. But just maybe."

Then she smiled at me and whispered back "I think I am too". Then that shocked me and we started talking about it.

(Abby's the one with pony tails, I'm the one with the weird face)

why do YOU love My Chemical Romance? :D

I love MCR because they are my childhood heroes, my pre-teen violence, my present idols, and my future lullaby to my future babies (LoL).

I feel like it was no coincidence accidentally turning on the TV and seeing Helena, half scaring and exciting me. When I felt that buzz in my heart as, for the first time in my life, I LISTENED to the lyrics of a song. I didn't know it back then but I now know that Rock and Roll chose me from then on.

I was never a slave to Rock and Roll.
I was it's lover, willingly surrendering my heart to music.
And you'll never survive the pit if you don't understand

News from another fandom: Beliebers

[DISCLAIMER: Not a Belieber, also not a hater. Blogging for the purpose of blogging.]
So I heard that Beliebers have started cutting themselves because apparently, Bieber smokes pot. Hmm. There are pictures of these kids with their lacerated arms, and it's really just horrible.

While we all know that this is obviously sad and disturbing, it made me wonder: Was this how the world saw the MCRmy back in o7' (The Black Parade era)? That we cut ourselves because of the people we look up to? That this music has slowly become a cult that promotes self harm and suicide?

Now, we all made certain to

i think i might be bi

im not sure. but who knows right? i'm not depressed right now, i'm at peace actually. i'm alone in my room thinking about myself and the people in my life. i've had several crushes on both genders before. i've never really thought about it cos' i found it rather silly to think about. ^^

there were a couple of guys who thought I was cute and cool, and there were also a few girls who thought the same and have approached me in ways that are.. more than friendly.

but i guess i've never really thought about this stuff cos' i'm "everyone's best friend". i can talk about serious topics with a friend

I just finished a really good fanfic

My life has no purpose now.
LoL jk. ^^
It was ferard, but still really heart warming. It was good ^^.

In other news, I drew a dolphin on Photoshop cs3 :D Took me 3 hours. I need to work on the waves tho.

We took a personality test a few months back and it said I was a dolphin. At that time the only fact I knew about dolphins was that they were the horniest creatures of the sea :))

Which I refuse to believe is true ^^ trololol.
comments are honored ^^


And "Make Room" has lyrics "everybody wants to change the world, but no one wants to die", EPIC BRO \m/

My god, why can't they just release the whole album! I want it like a baby wants milk! Jeeze.
Kay gonna go listen to Kiss the Ring again ^^

This era's gonna be a party ;)


It's Filipino tradition to shed blood for new year

Happy new year my loves! The mayans lied and gangnam is still a stupid ass fuck even with a billion views ^^ it's a shame no zombies popped out here in the Philippines. I had Max Brooks' Zombie Survival Guide!

Who else is gonna watch aworld War Z this 2013? :D
Sorry, my zombie feels are showing ^^ zombie buff right here! LoL.

No wonder I never have a boyfriend, haha!

Just plugging in ^^


MCRmy on Twitter are considered friendlies ^^

Just plugging in ^^


MCRmy on Twitter are considered friendlies ^^