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Do you guys still check em out? I've seen some new ones. Or maybe it's cos' I haven't been checking em' out for a while now :)

A girl who submitted a really cool entry is now part of the transmissions :D

You Guys...

I just really wanted to say...
I love you all so very much :[

Everywhere I look in this site, someone's always running into someone for help or advice, and everyone's just so willing to accept anyone for who they are.

And it's so... Strange.

We, who have never even MET each other, do really FEEL for each other. And it's odd and confusing, but yes. I do love you all.

But would that even matter? Now that we're here in the world of cyberspace. Am I just a couple of words and spaces? On the other side of the screen, there is more! And it is what's been keeping me alive for 5 years.

Zone 109

Okay Killjoys. I know a lot of kids have tried to do this stuff, but I REALLY think that we should have this channel in You Tube.

I think that Zone 109 could work out. And I made a promise to MCRCollab that I'd help out to spread the word about Zone 109.

It's a video sharing of the Killjoys. We'll have topics ya'll can view in YouTube and it could be our video sharing site (Other than here in Zone 6).

Check it out for me :) Who knows? It could be our next destination. And it could help us :)
In other news...

My Chemical

A Call to Arms!

Here we are again, Killjoys!
We got another one.

It's Radiohead versus My Chemical Romance in MTV's March Madness! So get your fingers clicking and vote My Chemical Romance! We're already on the lead with 66.13% and Radiohead with 33.87% (mua.ha.ha.)

Head on down to this site
and vote, vote, vote!

We can do this, MCRmy! I feel it this time! This is our turf and we can't let the other bands have our well deserved prize on the number one spot!

And seriously. Vote AS MANY TIMES AS YOU CAN.
~Sparky Hell

Me Singing Helena (Acoustic)

If you wanna ignore the opening notes, skip to 0:16 :P

It was for a friend.
Tell me if I'm okay or not :) I really wanna do my heroes proud.
BTW, I was in the mall yesterday, then I saw a girl wearing a red shirt that had the words "I'm Not Okay" written on it. I summoned the guts to yell "KILLJOY!" but I was so stupid, I covered my face after that. When I distanced myself from the girl, I checked her again and she was smiling at me from afar :))

In my brain I was like "hehe. I can't believe I met a killjoy!!"
~Sparky Hell

What I love about this site...

Is that I get to help people out. Without even knowing them.

It feels fabulous to know you've helped out some kid in their depression, or made someone smile even for a second, or just compliment them on how much they've achieved in their lives.

I'm 15. And in my age, not many people listen to me. Even people in my home.
But this site, gives me so much to look forward to every single day. I'm knowing people from London, America, Singapore... Places I've never been to! And for even 5 seconds, I make a connection with them. In a certain way that... I can't really explain.

And I love all of you,

Back Up?

Their's this ass in Youtube calling My Chem "gay as fuck".
So I say:
"You talking to yourself homophobe"
And IT says:
"So you are agreeing hes gay right???
My point proven....thats guy is a freak show and I am no homophobe"
"Geeze, do you not know how to analyze sentences?
And yes, he is a freak show. The best goddamn freak show in the world who I would gladly pay anything just to see."
So if any Killjoy has a Youtube account there, can I please call for some back up? The kids' account is Miguelx74 and I'm MCRmyPirate.

Last Day of School

And I didn't get to say goodbye to my crush X(

I know. It sounds so immature of me. And it probably is! But I never thought it would suck THIS hard! I mean, I'm the kind of person who LOVES fulfilling goals and ideas. Even if it's just something that has to be said or a blog that needs to be posted, I'd do it.

But now... On the day of days to say that I like him, or even just a simple "Goodbye!" I chicken out! Geeze...

I'm 15. Which is probably why I'm annoyingly emotional about this.

Yeah, yeah, shut up, Taylor Swift. I know your stupid "When You're 15" song.

I feel so upset.

Biggest Mitake of My Life (So Far)
Muscle Freak!

There's this idiot in the site advertising some muscle supplements!!!

Yes, you Muscles. I'm talking to you.

If you wanna go advertise about some pill or whatever, go do it in Facebook or make an advertisement of your own. We don't need that here. He puts up some crap about bigger muscles and shit, and I'm like:

Did you wake up one morning and think
"Hey, I'm gonna make an account in the MCR site and blog about muscles! Which nobody cares about!"


My muscles are fine, thank you. I love my body the way it is.