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Reading Ferard stories...

Reminds me of the days when I just didn't give a fuck.
Shet... I feel like a pre-teen again. The days when I was confused. When I used to like girls (I'm a girl). When I was madly obsessed with black and everything that goes with it.

Their over now. But it never hurts just to look back. And anyway, I forgot how amazingly romantic these stories were.

Reading ferard stories... *Smirk
And I'm on page 3.

Today, our hero is born
I suck

I researched last night about masturbation, and it said that it's a sign of depression.
I instantly cried the moment I read that. The thing is...

I masturbate.
There. I said it.

I'm not over my depression. Although I thought I was.
I thought I was on the front row of life or something when I stopped cutting myself 4 years ago. Turns out I'm just another piece of shit like the rest of the suicidal system.

I stopped cutting myself when I turned 11. I started masturbation ever since. I'm 15 now. This is the first time I'm confessing these things.

I come to this site, hoping to

12:00 here right now in the Philippines

And I'm all alone down here.
So depressed.

I don't wanna do this anymore.

Being lonely...

Is practically normal. Everyone knows that.
They never mentioned how much it hurts. I used to think that I was cool with being alone, but now that I met someone who I really care about so much, suddenly... My whole world flips over.

Is anyone out there? I know we're virtually impossible to feel anyone from the army, but I just need to be in the presence of someone right now :(

I'm upset.
And cold.

Prepare to be inspired...

If you choose to click this site:

Know the things that happened in your year of birth. It changed me :)

Does anybody know...

How to kiss a boy? :-"

This is not a song. It is a message.

That night (day) you tried to kill yourself...
You'll remember for the rest of your lives.

You remember the things on TV.
And the things you were thinking about.
The smells, the room, the object in your hands.
Your intentions...

And when you're old and have kids
You try so desperately to remember the things that happened
Because it took you a long while
To forget about what you've tried to do.

You warn them to never do it.
And pray that they never feel what you have.
Because you love them so much.
And they'd love you too.

When you log in to the MCR site...

And you see a friend invite with a sweet note on it that says hi with a little smiley face beside it ------->
When a person didn't like Danger Days ------------>
When there's a blog about another MCR vs. (insert name of band here) poll in the MTV site ----------->