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MCR Summer Camp Fanfic- Part 2: Hand in Mine Into Your Icy Blues

Note to reader: Contains minimal lesbianism. Don't hate.
(Previously: Sparky got an invitation from my chemical romance to join the MCR Summer Camp at Monroeville, Summertime Valley).
Sparky's POV
I finished packing my things around 6:00 in the morning. The My Chem bus would pick me and the MCRmy up at Hotel Bella Muerte at 7:00, so I still had an hour left.
"Mama, I'm ready to go now!" I yelled trying to hide the excitement in my voice. "Okay, baby. You sure you don't want me to get you there? You'll be gone for a month, you know" my mom chirped.

FanFic- Part1: An Invitation to My Chemical Romance Summer Camp

Greetings, soldier of the MCRmy!
We are pleased to announce that the My Chemical Romance Summer Camp has officially opened their doors exclusive to the MCRmy. The MCR Summer Camp promises to enhance each individuals skills, talents, aspirations, and even abilities he or she did not know exist within themselves. This is a month long event to be held at Monroeville, Summertime Valley. Rooms and other services will be provided.

It's time to do it now and do it loud!
My Chemical Romance
Note: Please secure a parent's note stating that you are allowed to join the MCR Summer Camp.

When 2 Birds Fall, the Rest Goes Down


"Let’s take a moment of silence. For two of our own, who have fallen… Two Killjoys died today. I don’t know their names, I never once spoke to them. But I feel as though I lost siblings. One overdosed, and the other beaten to death. Now, I’m not pointing any fingers as to what happened exactly, because I don’t have all the details. I just wanted to take a moment of silence for two fallen Killjoys. Keep running, Killjoys. Never let them take you down. And never forget your fallen comrades…"

~Be strong Killjoys, Keep running~

Because I Don't Have the Money to But DD Jackets...

I made my own! I had a boring white jacket and I used Textile paint to put on the logo. I'm so friggin happy :D I'm so satisfied. Plus, this is my very first MCR merch other than the DD poster that came in free with the CD.

Can anyone PLEEAASE be happy for me? :P I've never been so pleased before ^_^

Gerard in a German crowd :))

Gerard: I want to know if you guys-
German crowd: *chanting* Du hast die haare schön, du hast die haare schön!
Gerard: What is that?
Crowd: *chants louder*
Gerard: Is that about semen? What is that?! Is that a soccer thing or a semen thing?
Crowd: *cheers and shouts random stuff about hair*
Gerard: You like my... You like my hair? Why, do I have semen in it? ... So, what does it mean? Somebody translate! *gives mic to fan on front row*
Fan: You have beautiful hair!
Gerard: Awwwww! You guys have a seriously aggressive chant just for THAT? That shit is aggro!

Something about me and my sis

And that's the cold hard truth.

Heh. Just bringin some shit from Tumblr to here.

Name your favorite song and end it with "in my ass"

-> The Ghost of You in My Ass
(Lol, what u doig ther, ghost?)


So I won't bother stopping.
You are BEYOND awesome, Frank :D

Sleepless Nights... IT's 12:15 in the Philippines right now

I always have the constant need to go to this site.
Wake up when everyone's sleeping and remind you all that I love you. Shit... How many times do I have to write this over and over again? Blog, reblog. Check Zone 6, bottom of the pile. Reblog, wait... Wait... Nothing.

I have no life sometimes.
I only have this. Only you.

I wish you were all real. Shit... I even wish I was real to you so I could kiss you.

But none of us are real in this hell of a cyber world.

Saw this in Tumblr, and I just need you all to read this.

Note: This is not mine
I was babysitting my little cousins, Aidan (who’s six years old) and Annie (who just turned three). They were intrigued by my iPod and the fact that you could watch videos on it, so I put on NaNaNa and let them watch it.

Next thing I knew, Annie tossed my iPod across the room and pouted. When I asked her why, she said sheepishly “That mean bald guy and those bad guys in masks just shot the guys with the rainbows.” And I told her they lived, if she watched the last twenty seconds or so, so I had to retrieve the iPod and show her.