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Your makin me smile too much :>
Daaah, I wanna give hug y'all a biig hug :D

Another Interview

Interviewer: What would you rename the orange?
Gerard: The apple.


Strangers who know each other very well :>

I've Never Been to an MCR Concert before

Or any other concert :(
Me suck so hard.


There was a point in my life where I really REALLY wanted to be up on a stage jamming out with a band. I'm still going through that part in my life since I'm practicing real hard on my guitar almost everyday and I look up to Frankie.

But since I know I'll never make it, I'll probably just commit a crime and be famous on Most Wanted Criminals of All Time.


How the MCRmy proves that My chemical Romance saves lives

And also, this is how the MCRmy raises a middle finger to the world :)

Our Second Mother

Who loves us very much and will fight for us whenever we're face flat on the ground.
I just love her so much :)

And for those who haven't been her in the days of the Black Parade, this magnificent warrior is Mother War.

Say hey.

You wanna see Gerard In your room RIGHT NOW?

Well that ain't happening.
But this is good enough :D

Enlarge the picture, stare at it for 25 seconds, then stare at a blank wall, paper.

Gerard Way talking bout Bieber

"I just hope she (Bandit) misses out on Justin Bieber"
~Gerard Way

Hater on Tumblr

"If you are in the mcrmy, you are a fag. Case dismissed."

Look how the Army shot back :))