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Am I... In a Disney Movie?

First, a girl marries a prince. And everyone in a far away kingdom celebrates.
Then, a holy man gets beatified and everyone is at peace.
And lastly, an evil man is defeated in Pakistan and no good guy got hurt.

Everyone is happy.

Am I in a goddamn Disney movie? Or does everything seem to be okay for once?
Sorry. I'm just used to the world getting fucked up every single day.

Ah, I'm glad Gerard commented on Glenn's stupidity

Justice is found. So yay! I thought they were gonna let this one slide just like the other dirt balls trying to put the stink up on My Chem or worse, even us. The MCRmy.

Also, I missed this man's blogs. X)
How long has it been since Gerard visited the site? Damn... And it is true what he said. No kid lives on the railways anymore.

Except here in the Philippines.
But that's another story.
~Sparky Hell

To The End Remix

This was so fun!!! X))
I was alone down here with the laptop, then I went to this video and started head bangin :))) Altho this is a song from Revenge, it really sounds like it's from Danger Days :D

William and Kate dancing to Party Poison

Poison just got royal, MCRmy. Right here is the playlist of William and Kate to be played in the after party and Party Poison (yes, our very own) is included. Posted By the fro lord, Ray Torro.

MCRmy, Pause. Stop. Faint.

Be who god meant you to be, and you will set the world on fire

WHY the fuck can I tell my friends and enemies the hard cold truth, but I can't go up to my crush and tell him I like him?!?!!! It doesn't seem hard tho.

My face is a hard brick wall. But when I pass by him I'm like
"I have to tie my shoe".

Bull. Shet.

To tha motha fuckas who put ads in the my chemical romance site...

Yes, I am the one who verbally abuse you all whenever you put an advertisement in the site.
Yes, I am the one who puts little "fuck ya" notes bellow your ads.
Yes, you may try to shut me up for verbally abusing you.
No, I will not stop.

You must learn to silence yourself. If you want to sell, make a goddamn ad in your own site. Don't have the money for an advertisement? I don't care. That ain't our problem. Thing is, this is Zone6. You don't belong here. None of us really cares about I Pod bla blas, or wedding dresses, or how to make our brides maids feel appreciated.

Well, bullshit. That bitch can't get it up his fucking nose that My Chemical Romance produced a CONCEPT FUCKING ALBUM which means it's a STORY. A goddamn FICTIONAL stooory. Shet.

Dis bitch.... Ugh. Dis. BITCH.
I wanna eat him right now.

Watch the horror:

My Pops Thinks MCR Promotes Drugs



Anyone sad? :(

It's gonna be okay :D I love you

Enlarge the first pic. That's me and you :)

You kids have gotto try this :)))

The picture there is a gif. Make it bigger.
Put your fist in front of it. It appears as if the dots move faster!!! :D

This. Is. Epic.
Also, this is for the bored ones :))
~Sparky Hell