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Because I know some of you kids are good at stalking the band

...via twitter or anything, can you please sniff out if the rumors are true?

Is My Chem on the process of making another album? Ray's twitter keeps sayin stuff about being tired all the time, songs, and other things I can't remember right now.

Please. If you kids have a twitter.
Stalk the fuck outa them.
I NEED to know if it's true.

You kids wanna see something disturbing? :)

Enlarge the picture

Frank's a Nice Dad :D

Saw this on Tumblr today.
My heart smiled so wide, I could taste the blood in my mouth. Geeze... He's such a nice pops XD

Jamia and Frank got that for the kids.
Dah... I'm so in love with them right now.

TODAY IS MAY 4th (in the Philippines) WHICH MEAAANS...

Be part of the butterfly effect. Draw butterflies on your wrists to show your support for people with depression and self harming addictions.

I got me tiny butterflies on my wrist :D


I commented in the Official Planetary (Go!) video, and I was just wondering...

What's a hipster?
Is that another stereotype? Is it a bad thing if someone calls you a hipster?

Another Band Interview: A Mug Story

Mikey: I get mugged every tour.
Frank: That's kind of exciting.
Interviewer: That's a fun story... Something to tell the grandkids.
Mikey: Yeah, totally. In Rhode Island, some dudes decided to punch me in the throat and take my cell phone. There were like ten of them.
Frank: And at gunpoint.
Mikey: Oh yeah, I keep forgetting the gun part. The guy pulled a gun on me. And he goes, "Give me your money." And my first reaction was to lie about it like a moron and say I didn't have any money.

Please, please, PLEASE spread the word

On May the 4th, be apart of the butterfly effect. Draw butterflies on your wrists to show your support for people with depression and self harming addictions.


... I am the one who verbally abuse your advertisements. I'm talking to you: buybacklinks, xognaoao, hip90xdvd and others who dare advertise in this precious site.

Every time you post something about a Black Berry, or a Wedding Gown, or a pill, I am the one who comments violently below your posts.

I have said this before. I will not stop until you get the damn point.
Leave. This. Site.
Don't have the money for real advertisements? I don't care. That's not any of our problem. Point is, it's one of the rules in this site.

And I just hate it.

Another Band Interview: Crazy Shit

Interviewer: I know that being on tour, all kinds of crazy shit has to happen. Give us a really crazy, exciting, funny story.
Ray: We don't really have any crazy stories. We don't really do anything.
Mikey: Um... we ran out of gas once... and...
Ray: We're really, really boring.
Frank: Oh, one time we got held hostage!
Mikey: That was sweet, though... We had a lot of fun.

You bored, babes? Zone 6 games :D

I've got just the poison to help you with that :D
Follow the instructions. And there you go.

And to those who haven't seen my post on the second picture, enlarge it and stare at the red dot in the middle for 25 seconds. After that, look at a blank wall or paper. Enjoy the Gerard :P

Have fun, huns :D
~Sparky Hell