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Gerard Talking on Bandit

“As the record became apparent to me, at the very least I was trying to leave a message in a bottle for my daughter. Instead of making a record about being a new dad, it was more about, like, I want this record to be for her at 15, or whatever. And that’s the notion of where ‘Save Yourself, I’ll Hold Them Back’ came from. Because it’s a song that I want her to look back on, and if anything ever were too happen… her to know that her dad and her uncles are like these guys who were actually, um, not necessarily always cupcakes.” ~ Gerard Way

All the Best People...

... I met in this site, are MILLIONS OF MILES AWAY FROM ME.

Mother War

And her child

OMG, I'm totally crying right now

“I don’t give a shit what happens to you. No matter what, no matter what. I’m always fucking there for you… I don’t give a shit if your girlfriend dumps you, your boyfriend dumps you, you can’t get the new fucking Harry Potter book. There is nothing worth dying over. There is nothing worth taking your life over. I will always fucking mean that. Alright, New York, New Jersey, Long Island - make some noise. Are you ready to dance tonight? 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8! This ones for all the non-believers!” ~Gerard Way
Shiiiiit, how is this man even real?!? He's too

When Sining Helena...

No fucks shall be given.
Co's it's so fucking fun.

It sucks to be ugly

But I get by.

I'll tell you something real sweet, babes...

You are my pizza.
You are my Hershey Kisses.
You are my second star to the right.
You are my aircon on a hot day.
You are the TV show I can't dare miss.
You are everything that I care about.

It's a hot summer night here in the Philippines. I'm here, alone downstairs, and all I can think about is you. No, I'm not talking about some dude or slut I'm crushing on, I'm talking to you! Yes you, my beloved MCRmy. You're in my mind everyday. You're like a city that I live in.

It's 12:30 already. I better sleep.
I love you guys so much. You have no clue.

Lyn-Z talking bout Bandit

Daaah! It's too cute. Lyn-Z commenting on Bandit and Gerard.

The sweetness is murdering me!!!!
And the 2nd picture was an art from Tumblr, just thought you kids might like it. It's Gerard and Bandit in the Black Parade.

"Gerard took Bandit to a city to see a marching band".

That special moment when you...

...Realize you're witnessing the rise of an unpopular band and knowing in your guts their gonna be GREAT one day.

I scour You Tube for music that screams "FUCK YOU POP MUSIC", and I must say... I can smell something cooking from a few bands with potentials.

You can't rub off that feeling of "Oh, I hope they get known by the world one day!", and it's drivin' me NUTS. I bet some of you who've been here since Bullets know what I'm talking about.

In all honesty

Do you guys think my eyes are too big?
Or ugly?

Just cos' we're family doesn't mean you have to make me feel good.
I just want your full on honesty. I'd appreciate that very much.