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"Tonight belongs to me" by Times New Romance (me)

editing pics again tonight. That's my favorite line from Surrender the Night. I swear I'm obsessed with this song.

Prom evidences

Prom was crazy.. I can't even describe it.

BY THE WAY, have you guys listened to Surrender the Night? I love it. It's my new theme song :))

Quicky Blog: FOB returns!

Bloggom from another fandom, Fall Out Boy's back from the dead! The new song's INSANE and so is the video \m/

in other gossip..
is it true MCR's going to have a worldwide tour? Cos if they are, I'd like to know if their stopping over the Philippines so I can kidnap all the MCRmy I know and grab tickets?


Senior prom was crazy!

My brain hurts, my eyes hurt, I don't know how to remove my mascara, and I've got a bruise on my knee.

Prom was epic beyond proportions.
The pit almost killed me and my heels weren't made for these extreme environments :)) People LOVED the batch prophecy which I made with a friend. Food was great. Danced with lots of boys <3 (and girls) and it was so fun. People said I was really pretty too ^^

I'll be posting pics ^^

Prom's tomorrow night!

And I created our class prophecy, to be played during dinner ^^

I submitted it to my friend, the student council president, and she loved it!! I'm so excited for people to see it!! ^^

So excited for prom!! ^^
See ya motorbabies

I was sad

Because no boy asked me out to prom.. Prom which is next friday.

So, I wiped away my tears, raised a middle finger to the world.. and with Gods' heart, I asked a boy out to prom.

And he said yes :)
What now, males?!


my life isnt that great ._.

but in other news, other than being a proud member of the MCRmy, I recently just discovered Sleeping With Sirens. I listened to the full album and I'm a fan nao ^^

but still. I found them in the first place because I wanted to listen to something loud and I was depressed. I still am.

Start a pit in the library

JEEZE, been so busy this week. It's hell week, in my school. I'm a High School senior. Everything's fun and exciting, but everything wears me out so easily! I feel like a used up tissue every time I come back home. I swear, when this week is done, I'll have to celebrate surviving it.

Start a pit in the middle of a library. Challenge? LOL

People wondered what me and my friends were doing, silently jumping and pushing around in the library when the librarian couldn't see us.

Shake things up, rattle the world.
Work hard play hard.
Never forget to rock n' roll, and rock n' roll will


It's tricky to string together songs to form a cool mashup, but this is actually pretty cool :D Listen to it ^^ It brought out all mah feels.

I'm thinking about making my own mashup ^^ I sing, and I play the guitar.
You think I should go for it? :D

Reblogging from SINGER NOT A DANCER

Frankie Iero being sexy with his voice. Wat.