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Hey friends!

I got braces! I picked green ones cos that's my favourite color :D ( who else likes green?) plus I like Hulk. He's my fave Avenger ^^

It hurts like hell, but it's okay! Cos' I am not afraid to keep on braces!!!
Wait... That's not right :P :))

Got any MCR songs to help me with my pain? :D
~ Sparky

Lady G coming to my country

And people are so dumb. They think she's some satanist or whatever.

It's because of her song Judas. Fuck, just cos she used him as a metaphor doesn't mean she LITERALLY loves "Judas". God, people lack art and deep thinking. If there's one thing MCR taught me, it's that ART IS THE WEAPON. People are so literal!

Anyway, so I'm here fighting off the dumb comments people are posting in her fb. This is what I mostly said:
If you don't know something, if you're even a bit unsure about something, then you have no right to hate or support.

"Know your enemy"- Greenday
"If you love something then


Who else likes any of these bands ( other than MCR ofcourse)...

Falling in Reverse
Escape the Fate
Dance Gavin Dance
Mindless Self Indulgence

Let's be friends!!! :D
~ Sparky

Oh yeah, I'll only answer one question from the reblog- blogs.
Page 18, 4th sentence:
" You don't understand a refugies heart, do you?" (World War Z: An Oral of the Zombie War- by Maz Brooks)


It's just 50 seconds you won't regret! You'll eventually want to sing this while your eating your food :>
Here are the lyrics so you can sing along to it, Motorbabies :D

All right let's do it like this:

I want gonna eat some food
I'm gonna eat some food
I'm gonna eat some food
I'm gonna eat some food

I'm gonna eat eat eat eat (eat eat eat) some food

I'm gonna eat some food
I'm gonna eat some food
I'm gonna eat food

Eat the food
Don't forget to eat vegetables
The dessert afterwards
When you eat touch your balls

Is it only me..

Who else wants Show Pony to be back on the next MCR album? :)) I love that roller skating ho

I cried today.

I was was looking for a face to draw on photoshop today so I could start on a new artwork. I googled "face" and saw this woman(don't ask me who she is, I don't know). I thought to myself that I'd enjoy a challenge.

When I finally finished after 6 hours, I was so happy. I had NEVER done anything like it before. It was one thing to draw something from my imagination, it was another to actually copy it from another image. This was my first time to copy a picture and draw it, exactly like the picture.

Then just as I was about to finish, I accidentally click the exit button and the unsaved work

This time it's true! This sweat's for you!

Goodnight MCRmy!
I love you!

~Sparky from the Philippines


You don't necessarily have to use your fists, just use your brain. Never throw the first punch, always have a witness, and AIM FOR THE BALLS.

~Bullies: Foamy the Squirrel (Youtube)


Did anyone else watch Kim Possible in their childhood?

Learning how to use Adobe Photoshop CS3

If I taught myself how to play the guitar with the help of the internet, I sure as hell am gonna learn how to use photoshop ^^

I was already an expert at editing pictures on Then everything got ruined when they had to shut the site down. Motherfuck... So I guess it's time for me to learn this thing and learn it by heart.

That picture there is my second try at editing pictures.
Art is the weapon!