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A dream that felt so real

I was older. Maybe 20 or 18. But I wasn't me, I was Lyn-Z (yes, this dream is kinda like a Gerard/Lyn-Z story)

I was mad at my parents because of something I couldn't remember, so I ran away. I remember so clearly that the streets were empty, wet, and cold. A rat ran across my feet and made me jump a bit. It was FREEZING and all I was wearing were fishnet stockings, boots, a skirt, and a vest over my top to keep me warm (kinda like the stuff Lyn-Z wears on stage). I had no where to go, cos for some reason, all my friends hated me. I kinda hated myself too.

Then I see this wired fence and

Sad killjoy is sad ._.

So, I've been seeing this girl for 2 years now, and we seemed really like, I don't know, more than friends. And other people notice it too, but we never tell em stuff and we never talk about it either. We just feel it.

Yesterday, she finally said "I love you" and it felt so great and I was so happy I can't believe it. Then I told her I'd tell everyone and all our friends already because I wanted to just climb a mountain and tell the world "JENNI LOVES ME AND I LOVE HER!!!" :DThen at night she texts me this super long text breaking up with me.

Childhood memories :))

When I was a kid and my grandfather died, my mom told me that he was up there (she points to the sky). When I looked up at the sky I saw a plane. I misunderstood and thought that every time a plane passed by, my grandfather was on the plane, going somewhere :))

By the way, that's me on the side with the ponytail :))
Those are my friends and the one on the other side is now my girlfriend

Hi :D

So um I made a song and posted it on Youtube.
It's called Nothing after 20 by Jonina Vilvestre, please check it out, or not if you don't feel like it but yeah, and if you like it feel free to comment, or if you hate it it's okay but yeah.. okay thanks :D

I need to share this with you or I'll die

I think that aliens once visited Greece and had sex with people and made little alien-human babies that still live with us to this day. I think when the aliens visited the Greeks, they thought they were gods and their weird little alien babies were demigods.

I connected the dots from watching too much shows on the History channel.
Okay. I'm okay now ^^


What is up with these spams today? I know some of them used to be penis pills, but now their like, foreign words and nature shots :)) Are they trying to sell mountains and shit? LOL :))

Anyway, I'm here in the Philippines. Bad stuff's happening these days. The department of education's planning to add more school years to our system. Fucking assholes. We don't even have sufficient classrooms for public school students.

Corrupt government.
Stupid ass leaders.
Just surviving.

Never say never and eatmewhileimhot!

A few days ago, someone posted a video here of Eatmewhileimhot!, a screamo band, and I looked at the whole album and I started liking them a lot. Then I discovered that the vocalist, Chris, used to be in Never Say Never, a kind of One Direction-ish kind of band.

Then I found that there had been some dispute about Chris changing his genre and his old fans calling him a douche.

Whoelse does this?

Who eats when their upset? Who gets that feeling of slight contentment once their full?


Downloaded a new app on my I pad... A ghost hunting machine!!!

Freaky deaky time LOL.