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Watch our very own Killjoy movie!!! Tatada!

I wouldn't reblog this if it weren't super coolio.

Who else loves this video and song?

I'm seriously in love with this. It reminds me of 2005, when everything was good. At that time, for some reason, everything was at peace. No bullies, no problems AT ALL.

Things have changed, but music's still here. It's slightly painful looking back, but it'll be okay.

Don't waste your time on me, you're already a voice inside my head!

People are so dumb and shallow.

In facebook, someone posted an image of the last supper, but in a morbid way. The painting was of a Jesus cut in half, his guts spilling out as his diciples who looked like corpses ate his flesh, spilling his blood on the table as they gnawed on his neck, intestines and all.

I'm from the Philippines (super conservative country) and people were OUTRAGED. Now, I am a catholic too, but it didn't take me a minute to figure out it was an artistic representation of Jesus feeding his diciples "his own body and blood".

People are so dumb.


I know I'm great.

I've overcome a terrible childhood and crappy bullies to figure that out on my own, and now I SURE I'm a great artist.

I joined our school paper last year so I could show that. But UNFORTUNATELY the teacher has favoritism and prefers all those people who like anime and who's stayed with him since middle school.

Fucking comics.
Nothing wrong with comics, but it's just that I'm beyond little one-liner cartoons and even though I know that, I went to meetings in summer just so I could contribute, but you know what that ass fuck of a teacher does to me? He sends me home.

When I was younger

When I was like, 6 or 7 years old (or something like that age), I used to think lesbians were just girls who didn't know how to be pretty. I thought they didn't know how to fix themselves so they just went along with how they look and told the world "HEY YA'LL, I'M A LESBIAN!"

I could look back at several things in my childhood and think of how stupid I was =))

But you know. I figured out it wasn't like that. Especially when I went to an all girl private school school for the rest of my elementary years, it really made me realize that people can't be judged by the way they look.

Don't Death Playlist

So, I have an idea of making a playlist of songs that helped me out of my depression. I decided to call it "Don't Death Playlist". And as we all know, music is sometimes the only thing that stays with us when no one is. That's probably how we got the concept of "MCR saved my life" or "MCR changed my life".

If you have a list of songs to get you through depression or just plain bad days, tell me about them :D Here's mine in no order at all:

1. Sink or Swim- Falling in Reverse
2. Marry the Night- Lady Gaga
3. This is how I disappear- My Chemical Romance
4. Disappear- Anberlin
5. Heads or

Support LGBT :D

This is the most unexpected, sweet, gayest thing I have ever loved.
I'm so happy right now. No, seriously :D

For everyone!

(NOTE: This was actually my reply to MCRAthena's blog "Depression" but I thought that everyone should get to read this too. Depressed or not. So please read!)

I'm a Pantheist, which means that you and I, and the rest of humanity and the universe and the stars are one. You were born because you had to be here. You were born so because I had to read what you had to say right now. There was no mistake when the universe decided to bring you to life. All the men and women who have died on this earth in the past have all made way just so you could live.


I love musicals!!! ^^ Here is the list of musicals I've watched according to awesomeness, 1 being the coolest:

1. Les Misérables
2. Chicago
5. Across the Universe
6. Phantom of the Opera
7. Jesus Christ Superstar
8. Dreamgirls
9. Sweeny Todd: Demon Barber of Fleet Street
10. The Producers
11. Mama Mia
12. Nine
13. High School Musical (1,2 and 3)
14. Nightmare Before Christmas
15. Fiddler On the Roof

Who else have watched any of these? Across the Universe is like, a musical tribute to the Beatles, so wouldn't it be awesome if there was a musical tribute to My Chem?

Inspired by another killjoy here in Zone 6!

It's simple, but it makes me so happy xD